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  • Guitar & Drum Trainer 2.3

    Play any instrument better by getting more out of your practice time. Easily learn your favorite songs and music on guitar or any instrument with GDT. * Slow down music without changing pitch * Pitch shift music to match your instrument * 16 band EQ and Low Pass Filter to cut out unwanted parts and boost what you want to hear * Loop music to listen to the same part again and again * Stereo panning to listen to solos in either channel * ID3 tag, OGG tag, file info displayed ...

    Renegade Minds | | 1010KB | 2005-07-24 04:00:00
  • Personal Chess Trainer 2.00.28

    PCT is a chess training software, developed by GM Gilberto Milos, based on memorization of key concepts and positions, which is essential and the most powerful way to become a strong player. Blending method with a software technology, it become dynamic and fast. Tha's why PCT has been specially indicated for chess players who want to make progress in Tactics, Strategies and Endgames, but have little time for studying. There are more than 6,000 patterns, distributed between themes and levels, to ...

    Sersoft Informatica | | 5.12MB | 2005-07-19 04:00:00
  • Shredder Classic 1.3

    The Shredder chess programs by Stefan Meyer-Kahlen have already won nine titles as World Computer Chess Champion, are leading in all important computer chess rating lists and are accepted as the best chess programs for PCs. They combine extremely powerful play with easy handling. The play of the program can be variably adjusted to any strength, so that everyone can find an adequate chess partner. Many functions for analysing one's own games as well as a built-in coach, who is alert of one's mist ...

    Stefan Meyer-Kahlen | | 5.68MB | 2005-07-15 04:00:00
  • Guitar Speed Trainer 1.38

    If you want to play FAST... if you want to play scales, patterns, licks, and solos at burning speeds... the Guitar Speed Trainer is a play-along training software that will help you achieve that goal. With 20 minutes a day of practice, in a few weeks you will be playing with more speed and precision that you ever imagined possible. Includes training on alternate picking, semi-alternate picking, sweep picking, tapping, and other exotic techniques. | | 1.46MB | 2005-07-01 04:00:00
  • Guitar and Bass Ear Trainer 1.5

    Play-along ear-training course for guitar, bass, and other fretboard instrument players. Learn to play effortlessly by ear. Develop the ability of playing whatever is in your mind without hesitation and without mistakes. Improve your improvisation skills. Develop your ability to listen one or twice to a song, to a solo, to a bass line, and then play it back exactly right the first time, without hesitation and withot fumbling around. | | 1000KB | 2005-07-01 04:00:00
  • Athlete Tracker 1.0

    Athlete Tracker is a powerful professional software for athletes, bodybuilders, personal trainers, and other fitness enthusiasts. The software allows you to track your progress in your resistance workouts, aerobic workouts, diet, weight etc. and is the ideal tool for keeping yourself motivated and performing to the maximum. You can track fitness information for any number of users (or clients if you are a trainer), keep a permanent record of all of your fitness-related activity and easily create ...

    WORKOUTWARE.COM | | 18.02MB | 2005-05-22 04:00:00
  • EnTren 5.0

    EnTren is an exerciser of foreign speech perception. More precisely it's a Visual-controlled audio player+ Fast-input system + Statistics. So, it is not simple, but very simple.. But it works! - my daughter (for whom it is made) had sited before it already 40 hours. Whereas with others teaching-systems she had worked for 15 minutes a maximum! It's fact, further look. CAUTION: To use EnTren you should have some speech-file (and the appropriate text-file). You can load one such speech-fil ...

    Pavel Suvorov | | 39KB | 2005-05-20 04:00:00
  • Absolut Chess 1.4.6

    Absolut Chess (AC) is a funny and complete chess for all players. It allows battles in computers nets (LANs and Internet) where your opponent plays remotely with you, or front-to-front battles, where the two players combat in a single computer. When the choice is to face the machine, AC presents 3 levels of difficulties that will prepare you to future fights. MAIN FEATURES 3 levels of difficulty; Network support (local nets and Internet); Save and recovery of game; Game history; Chat ...

    Overlans Systems | | 2.45MB | 2005-05-04 04:00:00
  • Entity Trainer Studio 3.0

    Entity Trainer Studio 3.0 is a vocabulary trainer based on different cardboxes. Each box has a certain amount of vocabulary sets. There?s an inbox for new sets and an outbox for sets you are familiar with. When you start your training you fill sets into box one, usually from the inbox. Whenever you know the correct answer the vocabulary set is shifted to the next box else it returns to box one. Hence, your knowledge of the sets is reflected by proceeding sheets. Keyboard functionality: The keybo ...

    Roman Douverne | | 1.46MB | 2005-05-02 04:00:00
  • Lost Admiral Returns 1.19

    Quick playing strategy naval game enriched with multi-objective special missions using chess-like mix of battleship, destroyer, submarine, carrier, and other ships in turn-based action. Use classic naval maneuvers like destroyer against submarine to defeat the enemy, and create your own style of fleet tactics over time. Use rewards from previous battles to build customized flagships with a variety of unique abilities to give you an edge in crucial battles. Conquer predefined maps and innumera ...

    Fogstone Games | ... | 14.85MB | 2005-05-01 04:00:00
  • Jo-Go 1.01

    Jo-Go is the ultimate tactical board game. If you like chess, you'll love Jo-Go. If you hate chess, you'll still love Jo-Go. The game is deceptively simple, yet complex enough to stimulate your visual skills for ages to come. There's even a handicapping system to let beginners play advanced players and compensate both fairly. Fun, stimulating, and educational, Jo-Go is perfect for visual skill development with the pattern recognition used in the moves. Some believe it to be the perfect "off-sea ...

    Living Tree Software, LLC | | 4.23MB | 2005-04-09 04:00:00
  • ChessRally 2.5.865

    Play chess with new and old friends alike over the Internet, your local network, through Email (correspondence games), or play against several challenging computer opponents. Meet up with people and make new friends in the Online Rally Rooms (a chat and game service) to chat, play, or just be a spectator. ChessRally is a full-featured game for beginners and masters alike, with robust graphics and sound, fun characters, a customizable interface with free downloadable themes (skins, sets and sou ...

    Ingenuware, Ltd. | | 12.15MB | 2005-04-06 04:00:00
  • SemSim CCNA Training Course 2.2.1

    SemSim CCNA Training Course: Online CCNA Boot Camp. SemSim Online Cisco CCNA Training Course is a self-study course that teaches you using sound, animated graphics, interactive simulations, practice assessments & quizzes. The SemSim Online Cisco CCNA Training Course is the first top-quality, low-price online CCNA preparation course in the market. Think of SemSim Online Cisco CCNA Training Course as your own personal trainer. Become CCNA..The Easy Way! - Immediate hands-on practice exercises tha ...

    Online CCNA Training - SemSim Boot Camp | | 3.72MB | 2005-03-23 05:00:00
  • ¡Conjuga! 2.1.1

    ¡Conjuga! is a professional trainer for Spanish verbs. Master the Spanish conjugations. If you master the verbs, you master the language. The rest is only a matter of time. -- Conjugating Spanish verbs is not easy - for most of us. With the conjugation trainer ¡Conjuga! you will achieve security. You learn, practice, recite, train the Spanish verb forms in many pre-defined and own lessons. With ¡Conjuga! you can recite verbs and evaluate your skills - until you perfectly master the Spanish co ... | | 4.03MB | 2005-03-10 05:00:00
  • Hightailed 1.5

    Hightailed is a puzzle game not unlike the game of chess where the aim is to force your opponent into a position where they cannot move or "Hightail it out of there". You win by either blocking your opponent or avoiding capture yourself for a specified number of rounds. To advance levels you must play as each opposing side, if you win then you may move on. There is also an integrated level editor so if you need a new challenge then you can make your own levels. There are four difficulty levels: ...

    Indiepath | | 2.54MB | 2005-02-05 05:00:00