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  • Pain Management Tracker 2.1.3

    ~ Working together to improve your pain ~ This program is designed to help anyone suffering from chronic pain. The user friendly interface allows you to record your medication, pain levels, symptoms, side effects, and activities thus, eliminating the guesswork of what is affecting your pain. Understanding your activities and medication over time, gives you more power to identify what works and what doesn't work when it comes to decreasing your pain. Based off the standard pain management form ...

    Kevin Carpenter | | 3.35MB | 2012-04-15 23:33:58
  • SiDiary Diabetes Management 6.0

    SiDiary 6 enables you to easily track all your relevant diabetes data. This way you can optimize the quality of the medical treatment in co-operation with your doctor. Especially in our new version SiDiary 6 we have integrated many new tools, so even untrained computer users will find SiDiary 6 easy to handle. - profile wizard: asks you simple questions on your therapy and finds an optimal way to configure the software for you - the software is helpful for all types of diabetes (type 1- diabe ...

    SINOVO Ltd. & Co. KG | | 30.53MB | 2010-03-05 22:58:51
  • diabasics 1.2

    diabasics logs blood glucose levels, carbs and fat eaten and, if you are insulin dependent, the amount of insulin you injected. It remembers which finger you have pricked the last time you monitored your blood glucose. This way, you can avoid pricking the same finger over and over again and keep your hands sensible. Diabasics sports a large food database. It calculates a suggested amount of insulin, depending on a flexible profile and also takes the amount of insulin that is still active into a ...

    derbrill multimedia | | 2.47MB | 2010-02-10 23:44:46
  • Health & Diet Manager for Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2.7

    When you are constantly on the go, dealing with the demands of your hectic life, usually it?s nutrition that gets put on the back burner. You want to do the right things health-wise, but that takes time and energy ? something you don?t have in abundance. Lucky for you, our Health & Diet Manager for Windows Mobile Pocket PC will help take control of your health and nutrition, so that you?ll actually have more energy ? energy that you?ll be able to harness to accomplish more than you possibly tho ...

    iambic, Inc. | ... | 2MB | 2008-03-06 23:37:17
  • UTS Diabetes for Palm OS 1.3

    UTS Diabetes tracks blood glucose level, insulin injections, carbohydrates consumed and medication intakes. UTS Diabetes is handy, stylish, and easy to use software that serves as a traditional paper Diabetic's logbook. Plus, it has a lot of outstanding features: - Unique interface to enter glucose readings without Graffiti and without keyboard. - Recording glucose measurements in both mg/dL and mmol/L. - Notes for entered values. - Importance marks for the readings. - Colored records for dang ... LLC | | 1.21MB | 2004-06-01 04:00:00
  • NutriGenie High Fiber Diet 7.8

    This software was developed by NutriGenie in collaboration with Dr. James W. Anderson and his staff at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine. Dr. Anderson is Professor of Medicine and Clinical Nutrition at the University of Kentucky. Diabetes Generous fiber intake lowers blood glucose levels, reduces insulin needs and improves blood glucose control. An HCF Nutrition Plan helps control diabetes with diet rather than medicine by reducing (for Type 1) or eliminating (for Type 2) the need ...

    NutriGenie | | 1.46MB | 2003-04-04 05:00:00
  • Performance Diet Pro 4.0.5

    Maximize diet, weight loss, nutrition, performance, & health results & get $50 in FREE diet products. Everything you will ever need to lose all the weight you want and keep it off. You receive the Performance Diet Pro software, 5 full years of online diet access to the Performance Diet Online package of exercises, check sheets and support materials, 3 instructional diet ebooks and six MP3 motivation tapes. The Performance Diet Pro is our easiest to use software with the most features. It is ev ...

    HeathKeeper Inc. | | 19.54MB | 2002-09-11 04:00:00
  • NutriGenie Diabetes Nutrition 7.0

    Since ancient times, diet has been recognized as a cornerstone of diabetes management. Treatment for Type I diabetes consists of a combination of controlled diet and daily injections of insulin, on the other hand, diet alone can control Type II diabetes in many cases. Diabetes meal planning has never been easier: This program incorporates the American Diabetes Association's Food Exchange System in addition to the USDA's Food Guide Pyramid. It can automatically generate daily menus that meet yo ...

    NutriGenie | | 3.42MB | 2002-05-24 04:00:00
  • Glucose Journal and Database 2.0

    Diabetes Software: Glucose Journal and Database is a computer glucose diary application for people with diabetes that test their blood sugar. Record, analyze, and organize blood glucose test results. Keep an organized computer journal or diary of your important blood sugar test results. Blood glucose test results are always perfectly ordered by date and time regardless of when the user enters them. A Master Journal displays all records, six Custom Journals only display certain records of the Mas ...

    NELLA_WARE | | 3.71MB | 2001-11-06 05:00:00