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  • Binary Boy 1.97

    A Usenet newsreader with scheduler, threaded decoder, picture viewer, NZB and RAR support.. Automatically download using NZB files or browse newsgroups and select files manually. Easily download and automatically expand RAR files with 2 clicks. Launch external programs based on the downloaded filename. Automatically re-establishes broken connections. Browse pictures with the built-in viewer and delete unwanted images without leaving the program. Keep your files organized by creating a folde ... | | 2.1MB | 2011-06-12 04:31:48
  • UseNeXT 5.27

    UseNeXT offers fast and easy access to the Usenet with over 2,500 terabytes of data available and 6,000 Gigabytes added daily. UseNeXT offers lightening fast access to over 60,000 Usenet discussion boards about every topic. No restrictions on download speeds, and no waiting for files. You can make full use of your highspeed connection: download at maximum speed from our ultra-fast international servers. The tailor made browser automatically unpacks and repairs failed downloads, and the built in ...

    TangySoft Ltd. | ... | 2.97MB | 2011-05-05 09:01:03
  • NewsReader Gadget 1.00

    NewsReader is a simplest and easy-to-use Vista gadget to read RSS feeds subscribed with Internet Explorer

    Flywork Development, Inc. | | 61KB | 2009-04-23 16:15:10
  • iMiser Research Assistant 3.1-SR1

    Add Permanence to the Web with this award-winning software! Organizing your online experience was never easier! Save and organize Web pages and links, e-mail, images, blogs, selected text, newsgroup and forum messages, and more. Save local txt, html, rtf, doc, and pdf files. Highlight important Web page text in yellow or blue. Use iMiser Favorites to quickly organize your Web pages and documents with a single click. Find what you're looking for Fast with two powerful search tools. Return to the ...

    AdviceSoft LLC | | 4.02MB | 2008-12-27 07:08:46
  • Ozum 5.00

    Powerful binary newsreader/Usenet file downloader with fast cross-group search engine. Only Ozum lets you preview/listen individual parts of multipart audio/video files before downloading and assembling the whole file. Includes a built-in viewer for images, programmable automatic news scanning robot and freeware autoposter. Features: - Fast cross-group search engine, active binary groups directory - Easy to use with huge multi-million article groups: no need to download any headers - Custom h ...

    Oz Insight | | 5.16MB | 2008-12-25 19:24:04
  • MPNews 5

    Connect with your customers through Web forums, newsreaders, RSS, blogs, and more with MessagePixels MPNews. Affordable, easy to maintain, and simple to integrate with other systems, MPNews provides a single platform for effective customer communications. MPNews provides a secure, unified platform to seamlessly integrate with your other Web sites and systems. All of your communications look the same, without the need to redesign websites. The customer is not forced to remember multiple password ...

    MessagePixels LLC | | 9.14MB | 2008-08-27 08:35:37
  • Express NewsPictures 2.41

    Express NewsPictures is a powerful newsreader specifically designed for downloading and viewing pictures and other binaries (audio, video and more) from newsgroups. The program downloads articles with binaries inside, decodes them and saves on your hard drive. It filters spam, leaving only those articles that contain real binaries. The program lets you preview the downloaded pictures and shrink or scroll the picture if it doesn't fit in the preview window. A unique filtering capability lets you ...

    RightSoft | | 1.4MB | 2007-05-29 18:12:51
  • News File Grabber

    News File Grabber is a specialized newsreader which lets you easily download and extract all kinds of attachments and binary files (movies, mp3-files, pictures and other stuff) from the newsgroups on the USENET. There are many decoding schemes supported, including MIME, UUE, base64 and yENC (also multi-parts with auto-combining). The program supports multiple servers, simultaneous download threads and secure server connections (SSL). It has a built-in XPAT-Search, supports NZB-files and can unp ...

    rsbr-Software | | 1.43MB | 2006-05-20 04:00:00
  • QuadSucker-News 4.4

    QuadSucker/News is a multithreaded news downloader that downloads four binaries concurrently. By downloading four things at once, QuadSucker/News is usually 4 times faster than conventional single-threaded news downloaders. QuadSucker/News is designed to handle all kinds of binary newsgroups, from picture groups to music and movie groups where the attachments can reach hundreds of megabytes in size. QuadSucker/News supports yEnc and all other message posting formats (uuencode, base64, etc). Quad ...

    SB-Software | | 1.4MB | 2006-02-03 05:00:00
  • Android Newsgroup Downloader 4.2

    Android Newsgroup Downloader is an advanced multithreaded newsgroup downloader program for alt.binaries newsgroups. It is designed especially for handling large files such as movies, music, applications, and archives. It's also good for downloading pictures and other small attachments. Android uses a queue-oriented design. You drag and drop the files you want into the queue (or "to-do list") and Android will download them for you automatically. Android downloads any type of file from a newsgrou ...

    SB-Software | | 1.59MB | 2006-01-27 05:00:00
  • KaliNews 2.06

    An offline publishing solution that gives newspaper and magazine publishers, integrated and flexible tools to manage, edit and control articles format, story metadata, headings, sub-heading, associated forms, classification plan(taxonomy), keywords nomenclatures. Offline text editing mode for remote correspondents and freelance journalists, direct connection and transfer to newspaper to send formatted articles via integrated FTP and SMTP clients. The editorial workflow (on a file server) uses in ...

    Soft Experience | | 13.43MB | 2005-06-20 04:00:00
  • Taglinator 4.0

    Taglinator (tm), the easy to use random tagline generator with QuickPad (tm) Mode, GrabPad (tm), Stealth View, Tray View, command line interface, up to five custom signatures, and over 2,100 taglines. Works with any e-mail or newsreader software. Taglinator runs at the bottom of your screen or in the system tray. Swipe your mouse over the QuickPad to instantly select a new tagline and automatically copy it to the clipboard, where you can quickly paste it into your e-mail program. Lifetime re ...

    SRT Enterprises | | 788KB | 2005-04-02 05:00:00
  • A4Pocket Newsreader 2.1.6

    A4Pocket Newsreader is the most powerful online/offline newsreader for Pocket PC. It is easy-to-use and high-speed. This program will give you the ability to view and post newsgroup everywhere, you will forget the newsreader on your desktop. Key features: #Download, read, reply, forward, compose, save article #Single-handed operate #Intuitive GUI with many tips #Multi sort and filter choice #Fully customize #Periodically synchronize #Load 1000+ articles in 5 second #Search in author, sub ...

    A4Pocket Software Inc. | | 1.1MB | 2005-02-05 05:00:00
  • SeXstazy

    SeXstazy is the Unique Software Tool for searching, downloading and previewing erotic (mainly but not only limited to) pictures from UseNet. It can search trough a range of UseNet servers for pictures content that is most suitable to your taste. SeXstazy was designed with a use of a multithreaded architectural model. This and other features result in the maximum utilization of the available connection bandwidth providing the highest downloading speed possible. SeXstazy has built-in ultimate, fu ...

    Fiesta Group, Ltd. | | 2.98MB | 2004-12-20 05:00:00
  • MR/2 ICE Email and Newsreader Client 2.65

    A full featured multithreaded email and newsreader client for Windows. Easy-to-use notebook style used to organize folders and newsgroups. Loaded with features including spell checking and even a thesaurus (sorry, English only). Powerful filters, a phrase system, reply templates-boilerplate for all of your correspondence! Extremely Virus Resistent. Much, much more.

    Knightware Software Co. | | 2.86MB | 2004-12-04 05:00:00