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  • MySpace Activity Spy 2011 10.4

    MySpace Activities Spy lets you know EXACTLY what others do on your PC while you are away. It secrectly logs all keystrokes typed, all chats and instant messages in MSN Messenger, Windows Live Messenger, ICQ, AOL Messenger, AIM, Yahoo! Messenger, Windows Messenger and Skype. It records websites visited, emails read, clipboard activaties, passwords typed, documents opened, windows opened and applications executed. MySpace Activities Spy software even takes screen snapshots at your set interval li ...

    eMatrixSoft | | 4.41MB | 2011-05-02 21:54:14
  • MySpace Spy Monitor 2011 2.1

    MySpace Spy Monitor is a MySpace profile monitoring software and parental control software. It secretly records PC users' MySpace private profile, emails, chats & IMs, list of friends, photos and events. MySpace Spy Monitor also records users' online searches about MySpace, its instant messenger MySpaceIM, and MySpace related web sites. You can see exactly what the users were doing just like watching a surveillance video playback. The software is invisible to computer users. However, it is very ...

    eMatrixSoft | | 4.41MB | 2011-04-26 06:30:20
  • MySpace Password Recovery 1.3

    MySpace Password Recovery is a program to recover MySpace passwords stored by MySpaceIM in the local computer system. It works when you're able to sign into MySpaceIM without typing your password. Even if you have un-installed MySpaceIM, there's still a chance to recover your password. Simply install the program, launch it and find your MySpace password immediately. Key Features & Benefits * 100% recovery rate. * Find and decrypt MySpace passwords saved on your computer. * Reco ...

    Top Password Software, Inc. | | 624KB | 2010-05-15 01:17:56