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  • BySMS Marketer 9

    by this software you can generate random numbers of mobile or load your private numbers and send them SMS for promoting products or inform them about any news or alerts, for example invite them for seeing a match or participating in conference .You need mobile phone connected to PC in USB. Also you can Get your phonebook and SMS and the jornal of calls from mobile to PC and save as excel or csv or html or vCard for outlook .Visit our help center if you find any difficulty.

    Aljanna Soft | | 1.18MB | 2012-03-26 22:15:16
  • Sony Ericsson Messenger 9

    this software allow you to get the list of calls and phonebook and the received and stored SMSs from your mobile and send SMSs to your contacts. you can save the phonebook and the SMSs in excel or csv or html file or export to outlook as Vcard file. You can write SMSs and themes in you PC and send to your friends by your mobile connected to your PC in USB ,Visit our help center if you find any difficulty.

    Aljanna Soft | | 1.16MB | 2012-03-21 20:01:05
  • Free Arabic Teacher 11

    Learn how to speak Arabic by voice and images. Listen to the dictation of the software only and repeat after it. See the images and the translation. Click on images and listen to the real humain voice , this software use the dictation which help you to remember the Arabic letters , this software is a good tools for a begginer ,it's free software from staffs , it Makes learning the Arabic alphabet easy,Small file (FREE) with a focus on learning to read Arabic alphabet. Easy for a ...

    Aljanna Soft | | 30.41MB | 2012-03-21 00:52:20
  • Email Extractor Pro 5.52

    Extract emails from text or ctt or html or xml or all files , select folder and let this software to scan this folder to get the list a files in it and analyze each file sparately to collect the emails , browse internet and open the pages with mass number of emails or a pages of your blogs and scan your internet history folder to get this emails .

    Aljanna Soft | | 1014KB | 2011-12-25 03:13:33