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  • Christmas Eve 3D Screensaver 1.2

    Let this fabulous animated 3D screensaver take you away to a magic winter park on Christmas Eve. Feel the holiday atmosphere in the air. Take a refreshing walk around this beautiful place and enjoy the sight of a magnificent Christmas tree gorgeously decorated with shimmering lights that go on and off as if singing along to the music. Watch the funny little rabbits jumping around in excitement, yet keeping an eye on the precious presents from Santa that patiently wait for their addressees. Cheer ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 12.25MB | 2011-05-20 06:18:53
  • Winter Night 3D Screensaver 1.2

    A quiet winter night descends upon a small town nestled comfortably in the sleepy mountains. Myriads of snowflakes are slowly coming down as they play in the magic light of elegant street lanterns and cover up the cozy little houses. Take a relaxing walk along the streets and feel the charming atmosphere of this unique place. Peace and serenity in combination with the enchanting beauty make your dream of a perfect winter night come true. Let this wonderful 3D screensaver take you to this dream p ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 13.34MB | 2011-05-15 08:20:19
  • Christmas Time 3D Screensaver 1.3

    This terrific 3D screensaver will help you feel the magic of the Holiday Season. You will find yourself in a quiet winter forest with a few cottages scattered around. Everything is covered with snow and the nature is waiting for a miracle to happen. A huge Christmas tree in the middle of this peaceful setting and the outstanding background music add to this unique holiday mood. Santa is definitely paying a visit to this place! How about you?

    Astro Gemini Software | | 10.14MB | 2011-05-11 19:41:52
  • Santa's Home 3D Screensaver 1.2

    Have you ever dreamt of visiting the real Santa's home? It is Christmas time and your dreams come true. Find yourself in a winter wonderland deep in the woods surrounded by enchanting snowy landscapes. Santa is at home getting ready for the big night, and his joyful reindeers can't wait to embark on a magical sleigh ride. Watch the funny snowman guard keeping an eye on the colorful presents from Santa. Once the screensaver is on, you will be mesmerized by this fairytale scenery and a truly festi ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 21.74MB | 2011-05-10 12:30:36
  • Winter 3D Screensaver 1.1

    Experience the serene atmosphere of a quiet winter night with this outstanding Winter 3D Screensaver. It will take you away to a peaceful setting with a few cottages covered with snow, with smoke coming out of chimneys and slowly rising as there is no wind to disturb anything in this quiet winter paradise. Relaxing music and high quality 3D graphics will help you forget about the busy world around.

    Astro Gemini Software | | 10.54MB | 2011-05-10 01:24:02
  • Night City 3D Screensaver 1.4

    The bright lights of the night city are inviting! This fascinating animated 3D screensaver will take you on a fly-by tour around the streets of the city that never goes to sleep. The dazzling neon signs and the brilliantly floodlit buildings produce a powerful effect against the dark of the sky above. Take a look at night life from a distance and enjoy watching the alluring urban nightscape over the water. The screensaver features extremely realistic innovative 3D graphics with the latest Vertex ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 16.46MB | 2011-05-09 04:58:06
  • Japanese Garden 3D Screensaver 1.4

    Let this animated 3D screensaver take you to a quiet Japanese garden, a place of peace and immense power of nature. Feel the deep spiritual atmosphere of this unique setting with the oriental pagoda in the center. Find refuge in a redwood gazebo and enjoy the view of the glorious sakura trees, the most romantic image of Japan. Gaze upon the beautiful cherry blossoms that fall like lightly sugared pink snow. Silence and serenity are in the air and only the warm wind whispers gently in the trees. ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 13.33MB | 2011-04-30 14:38:59
  • 3D Wild Dolphin Screensaver 1.4

    These magnificent mammals have a universal appeal. To many people they are a symbol of freedom, joy, grace and tranquility. Their unique intelligence is amazing and the mind-boggling stunts they are capable of bring delight to crowds all over the world. This awesome 3D screensaver gives you a rare chance to observe dolphins in their natural environment. Dive into the abyss and enjoy the enchanting underwater scenes complemented by extremely realistic sounds of deep sea life and relaxing music.

    Astro Gemini Software | | 14.04MB | 2011-04-28 02:26:01
  • Sun 3D Screensaver 1.4

    The Sun is the most prominent feature in our Solar System. It is the largest object and contains approximately 98% of the total solar system mass. One hundred and nine Earths would be required to fit across the Sun's disk, and its interior could hold over 1.3 million Earths. The Sun's outer visible layer is called the photosphere and has a temperature of 6,000'C (11,000'F). This layer has a mottled appearance due to the turbulent eruptions of energy at the surface. Want to have a look now? Downl ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 8.36MB | 2011-04-27 14:47:44
  • Atlantis 3D Screensaver 1.5

    Hold your breath and take an exciting dive into the magic underwater world of Atlantis 3D Screensaver. Deep down, below the water surface, you will see the ancient ruins of the legendary Atlantis. This once majestic city is now populated by thousands of sea creatures. Trees have been replaced by seaweed, flowers - by corals. The remains of the coliseum became home to a family of sharks. The cracks in the beautiful columns are inhabited by tiny sneaky crabs. Brightly colored sea creatures hurry o ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 11.86MB | 2011-04-27 01:18:28
  • Pirate Ship 3D Screensaver 1.72

    Just a few centuries ago the seas were ruled by bloodthirsty and greedy pirates. They not only robbed the civilian fleet but also battled each other for the stolen loot. A lot of their ships sank in the Caribbean and still remain their. In this screensaver we get an awesome opportunity to dive into the depths and take a closer look at one of these pirate ships. We will get into the cabins and see the treasures which the pirates valued more than their own lives. We'll also meet the new inhabitant ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 11.35MB | 2011-04-25 17:48:10
  • 3D Matrix Screensaver 1.81

    Do you want to see what's inside the Matrix? Well, you don't need to take the red pill and you'll always be able to return. This brand new 3D Matrix Screensaver will take you there in no time. Your screen will become the gate to numerous worlds of the matrix. They will fly by and as you get closer you'll be able to decipher the code and see what they are like!

    Astro Gemini Software | | 7.87MB | 2011-04-09 06:39:02
  • Planet Earth 3D Screensaver 1.51

    Space tourism is only available to exceptionally wealthy people. Among its primary attractions is the awesome and thrilling feeling of looking at the Earth from space described by all astronauts as extremely intense and mind-boggling. This screensaver provides a unique opportunity to do that without having to pay 20 million dollars. You will actually get to see more than a "regular" space tourist. It is a fantastically realistic 3D model that also has enchanting views of the Moon and well-known ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 9.41MB | 2011-04-07 19:57:08
  • Forest Life 3D Screensaver 1.61

    Let your screen take you away to a quite place in the forest. Watch the little peaceful bugs and ants running about their business. A funny little spider making a web. Dew drops on the leaves. Birds twittering somewhere in the branches above. This screensaver will immerse you into the peaceful environment of the forest life that will make you forget about all your problems! Allow yourself to experience the sense of calm serenity that comes from disconnecting from the feeling that you have to "do ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 9.15MB | 2011-04-07 10:53:27
  • Magic Forest 3D Screensaver 1.3

    Let this extraordinary screensaver take you to the deepest part of the magic forest, where the trees resemble chubby goblins and careless fireflies rush around in their night dance. Mysterious creatures move in the dark cloaked by the dense fog and only the bright campfire seems to welcome you with its friendly light. There is plenty of firewood piled up nearby and a hatchet stuck in the log. A large backpack and a shotgun placed against the tree suggest that there must be someone else here. But ...

    Astro Gemini Software | | 13.72MB | 2011-04-05 04:50:54