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  • Atlantis Data Inspector 1.0.882

    Data Inspector is our SQL diff and database synchronization tool, offering an easy and fast way to compare and synchronize data elements of SQL Server databases whether dealing with live, test or development databases. Restoring row level data, compiling audit trails of changed or missed data can be done speedily and easily without errors. You can confidently use Schema Inspector and Data Inspector to save hours of development time whether developing new SQL Server databases, migrating old syst ...

    Atlantis Interactive UK Ltd. | ... | 6.06MB | 2011-01-05 20:18:41
  • Atlantis SQL Everywhere 1.6.165

    Atlantis SQL Everywhere is a SQL Server IDE that features the most fully-featured code completion available for SQL Server - use it to turbocharge your productivity. SQL Everywhere eliminates many of the labourious parts of writing SQL. As a fully-featured IDE, refactoring, code completion, syntax highlighting, ability to run SQL on multiple databases, reformating scripts and code snippet library are the main features of SQL Everywhere. Its use speeds up database development and administration ...

    Atlantis Interactive UK Ltd. | ... | 12.5MB | 2010-11-23 22:43:41
  • Atlantis Schema Inspector 1.0.646

    Atlantis Schema Inspector is an incredibly fast, flexible and complete SQL Server schema comparison and synchronization tool - use it to get your deployments right first time, every time. Schema Inspector offers an easy and fast way to compare and synchronise schema elements of SQL Server databases whether live, test, snapshots or partial databases. Any changes can be checked speedily and easily without errors. It can save your development team lots of time and help you achieve your project del ...

    Atlantis Interactive UK Ltd. | ... | 7.56MB | 2010-05-09 05:45:50