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  • Email Extractor CherEE 2.3

    CherEE, a kind of powerful Email Extractor, is used to search Email addresses from search engine, web directory or directly from URLs, based on keywords, as well as output and restore it. Features of CherEE: 1. It works extremely fast, is capable of collecting hundreds of thousands of Email addresses in a short period, and is exceedingly stable. 2. Low system resources occupancy Different from other email extractors, CherEE considerably focuses on optimizing the system resources occupancy, a ...

    Bainsoft | | 3.15MB | 2012-11-19 03:14:10
  • Password manager Cherbox 2.0

    Cherbox, a piece of password management software featuring quite convenient automatic password generation function, can be used to manage password information. Besides as a password manager, Cherbox is also a type of fully functional personal management software. You can manage desktop icons of the operating system, application programs, files, folders, notes, URLs, etc. with it. Cherbox features: 1) Cherbox provides a function similar to win+r in the Windows Operating System. You can rapid ...

    Bainsoft | | 3.34MB | 2012-06-12 03:55:46
  • SQL Query Tool BSQL 2.0

    BSQL is a SQL Query Intellisense Tool. It provides high quality intellisense for SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Access, Sybase, etc. Main features: 1) Code auto-completion for fast, Auto-fill for keywords and objects. 2) Accurate script building. 3) Advanced SQL Query Editor. 4) Create attractive database reports quickly and easily. 5) Export the data quickly from the databases to available formats, Including MS Excel, HTML, RTF, PDF, XML and more. 6) Support various database platforms.

    Bainsoft | | 6.01MB | 2010-11-08 13:44:40
  • Bainsoft BDB Professional Edition 3.6

    BDB is a full-featured database design, modeling & deployment tool. It supports Oracle, SQL Server, MySQL, Access, SQLAnywhere and Sybase. In addition, BDB is also a great SQL Query Intellisense Tool. Main BDB features: ? Database design. Build the database model by BDB, support forward-engineering and reverse-engineering,and the comparison update and double-way synchronization between the database model and the entity database. ? Database deployment Create the program of the database deplo ...

    Bainsoft | | 7.11MB | 2010-11-08 08:04:26