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  • Texas Hold'em Poker All-in-Edition 2009 1.0

    This poker simulation offers the complete range of Texas Hold'em Poker with realistic 3D graphics! An animated tutorial explains the poker rules. The environment and the rules are individually configurable and due to 3 levels of difficulty both professionals and rookies get their moneys worth. Additional to the single player mode and tournament mode with up to 160 players also multiplayer mode is available: you can either play over LAN or match up with others over the internet. Texas Hold'em Pok ...

    BUFOproject | | 64.03MB | 2009-09-13 15:02:56
  • Texas Hold'em Poker 3D-Gold Edition 2008 1.0

    Are you a rookie? Or a professional? Whatever! This 3D poker game offers every poker fan a lot of features: Even people who have never played a round of Texas Hold'em Poker are quickly and easily introduced into the rules and can immediately start exciting poker tournaments! Features: All limit types No Limit, Pot Limit and Split Limit. Singleplayer Mode, Tournament Mode, LAN and Internet Mode, configurable game rules, tutorial, several rooms and card backs, different levels of difficulty and mu ...

    BUFOproject | | 60.45MB | 2008-03-17 22:26:26