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  • Installed Program Finder

    - Software Listing Installed Program Finder identifies installed program on your computer, allowing you to keep a record of installed programs making a transfer to a new PC or recovery from hardware or software failure easier. - Software Details Manage the installed programs on your PC more effectively with software version and location information, helping you to remove unnecessary programs and speed up your PC. - Save To File Keep a permanent record of the software installed on your machi ...

    CaldSoft | | 599KB | 2012-06-21 00:30:25
  • Date Reminder

    - Event Notification Date Reminder incorporates a powerful event notification system to make sure you never forget a friend's birthday, family member's anniversary, or weekly trip to the cinema. Reminders of selected events are displayed in a simple notification window to ensure you always have a clear idea of upcoming events. - Facebook Integration Lots of friends? Automatically receive notifications of your Facebook friends' birthdays on your desktop. No need to manually enter each friend' ...

    CaldSoft | | 14.32MB | 2012-06-20 22:48:04
  • Copier

    - No Halt Copying Fed up of having to monitor Window's file copy process? Tiered of being asked if you would like to overwrite a file? Copier removes these problems by providing a simple pre-copy setup, so you can leave your computer to get on with the job. - Bulk Transfer Transfer lots of files and review any issues at the end of the copy process. This means that the copy process is not interrupted by unsuccessful transfers, saving you time. - Setup and Go Setup default rules to deal with ...

    CaldSoft | | 6.99MB | 2012-06-20 21:52:34
  • Bill Reminder

    - Bill Notification Bill Reminder incorporates a powerful bill notification system to make sure you always know when bills are due, so you can manage your finances more effectively. Reminders of selected bills are displayed in a simple notification window to ensure you always have a clear idea of what needs paying. - Quick Search Bill Reminder makes it simple to check for upcoming bills so you can keep on top of your finance. Search for bills on a particular date, by their name, and identif ...

    CaldSoft | | 6.52MB | 2012-06-20 20:00:12
  • Timeline

    - Comprehensive Backup Timeline provides a complete backup solution to protect you from data loss. Use the intuitive setup wizard to select your documents, music, photos and other important files. Select from a number of backup destinations including USB drives, FTP and SFTP servers. Configure a backup schedule or use real-time file monitoring and leave Timeline to protect your data. - Easy Sync Have trouble maintaining files on multiple computers? Can't remember whether your document is on y ...

    CaldSoft | | 9.42MB | 2011-08-21 14:28:59
  • ID3 Lab

    - Tag Editing ID3 Lab allows you to quickly add id3 tags to your mp3 files. It supports both ID3v1 and ID3v2 ensuring that all media devices new and old can read the files details. - Copy Tags Quickly transfer ID3v1 tags to ID3v2 and vice versa, ensuring you only need to enter data once and all devices can ready tag data. - Batch Processing Save time by processing your mp3 files in one go, ID3 Lab's built in batch processor can write similar ID3 tags together. This allows you to enter detai ...

    CaldSoft | | 1.05MB | 2011-08-21 02:23:07
  • Code Snippet

    - Organise Reusable Code Code Snippet allows you to store source code fragments in a structured way so you can easily access code to perform common tasks. Snippets are categorised by development language and a user defined category to make locating code simple. - Multiple Languages Code Snippet has no limit on the number or type of development languages stored. Whether you're focused on one language, or work with an extensive range of languages Code Snippet can reduce your development time. ...

    CaldSoft | | 6.83MB | 2011-08-20 23:31:14
  • Auto Backup

    - Protection From Data Loss Don't suffer from lost or corrupt USB drives. Auto Backup automatically detects when removable storage devices are connected to your computer and makes a backup of the data. Backups are kept up-to-date automatically so you never lose your work. - Backup Versions It is important to have a number of backups so you can easily return to a previous file state. Auto Backup takes the hassle of organising these backups away by logically naming each backup, and automatical ...

    CaldSoft | | 7.1MB | 2011-08-20 21:38:29
  • Copier 1.0

    Do you ever leave your computer copying lots of files to a backup device for several hours and come back to find that Windows has had a problem copying one of the files and stopped the copy process only five minutes after you left. This can be really annoying, it then makes it much harder to copy across the rest of your files, and waists your time because you cant leave the computer to get on with the job. Well Copier solves this problem, this unique application copies files from one director ...

    CaldSoft | | 208KB | 2007-04-07 04:00:00
  • Auto Backup 5.0

    This small, low CPU usage program will automatically backup your USB flash drives when they are plugged into your computer or laptop. The program starts up with your computer and monitors which USB devices are plugged in. The program keeps an individual backup for each USB device, and can be configured to keep more than one backup of a device so that you can return to a previous file stage should the original become corrupt. You are able to stop and restart backups quickly with the system tra ...

    CaldSoft | Backup V5.msi | 241KB | 2007-02-14 05:00:00
  • Date Reminder 3

    This program will automatically remind you when an important event is within a set number of days. You can enter any event you want such as birthdays, meetings, or any special occasion. You are able to look at all your stored events in data and alphabetical order, and can easily add or remove events. There is no chance that you will forget your anniversary again!

    CaldSoft | Reminder V3.msi | 287KB | 2006-12-31 05:00:00