Version: 1.59
Released: 2011-06-02 02:06:31
Language: English
Platform: iPhone,iTouch
File Size: 280KB
Price: $0.99

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Colors Flood 1.59 Description

ColorsFlood is colorful puzzle game. You target is to conquer bigger territory then your opponent.
You are starting on left bottom corner with black colored fields and your opponent on right top corner with white ones.
To conquer new territory, just select color which you want to join you. All squares of this color sharing border with you will join your team.
But remember, iPhone is playing against you, so be quck and think strategically.

You can see current results on the top of the screen, left one is your result, right one for your opponent.
Souds complicated? Just try it and you will see, this game is simple to play, but addictive one.

Player can choose from four different field sizes from small to huge.

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