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  • bioiVault Biometric Encrypted Virtual Drive 2.3.55

    bio-iVault uses the well respected myBiometrix Biometric platform to deliver Finger, Face and Voice verification to securely create and manage biometrically Encrypted Virtual Drives on a computer and other external storage devices by simply scanning ones biometric. Using Biometrics means No Passwords to remember or have stolen. The bio-iVault drives appears just like a normal drive in Explorer, so you can create, edit and delete files and folders just as you would on a normal drive. The importa ...

    Cordian Corp | | 53.43MB | 2012-07-28 07:58:41
  • myMedirecs Personal Family Health Record 2.4

    Keeping track of all those important aspects of your Family's Health has in the past been a cumbersome process, bits of paper here and there, files scattered about. Now you can keep track of, monitor and manage, all aspects of yours, and your family's health with myMedirecs. Ready at any time for viewing, printing or that emergency we all hope will never arise, but if it does, you will have all the important history at hand. myMedirecs is run from the convenience of your local computer. Your ...

    Cordian Corp | | 27.84MB | 2011-07-03 09:34:10
  • my-iWallet Biometric Logon Password Manager 2.3.54

    Biometric IE Plugin Password Manager scans face, finger or voice for secure logon to Web Sites Biometrics is the use of a personal trait such as finger or face, voice or iris recognition to identify a person. my-iWallet is a uniquely secure and innovative application, the first to utilize Biometrics in this way, enabling you to log on to Web Sites without entering passwords, but rather by simply Scanning your finger or face, voice or biosmartcard. Also Block credit cards and control site access ...

    Cordian Corp | | 32.74MB | 2010-11-12 21:05:43