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  • MP3 Speed Changer 3.00

    MP3 Speed Changer enables you to speed up audio files (MP3, WMA, OGG and many others) - podcasts, audiobooks without changing the pitch. You can also just change the pitch changing the tempo. Batch processing feature and easy-to-use user interface make MP3 Speed Changer valuable tool for audio listeners and authors who want to save time. Also for musicians learning to play a new song from an MP3. You can speed up your audio in a few moments, just select the files you want to speed up and choose ...

    Crazy Boomerang Software | | 2.35MB | 2013-06-22 11:36:17
  • Crazy Boomerang Screen Shot 1.40

    Crazy Boomerang Screen Shot is a quick, simple and easy-to-use tool for capturing an exact copy of anything on your screen for your presentations, documents and blogs. Just choose the type of capture and your image will be ready in an instant! Here are some key features: capture entire screen, capture window, copy image to clipboard, cut out part of captured image, save image in BMP, JPEG and PNG format, simple user interface, multi-monitor support.

    Crazy Boomerang Software | | 1.55MB | 2008-01-07 18:37:06