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  • The Name Dropper 1.0

    The Name Dropper is a program which is designed to generate random names. Using US census data from the last century, The Name Dropper can create over 115 million different male names, and over 370 million female names. The Name Dropper uses a special randomization process which insures that you get different names each time you run the application. Who will get the most use out of this application? * Writers or editors who need to create unique and realistic names for characters * Ex ...

    Delsyd Software | | 723KB | 2008-03-13 09:08:49
  • Brickout 1.9R4

    Brickout is classic brick-breaking action with good gameplay, solid physics, and a full level editor that is designed to maximize your creativity in level building. You can play the supplied levels, or build your own levels and share them with your friends. This is the same editor we use to build levels for the game, so you're getting a very powerful and easy-to-use tool. Brickout has all of the powerups and features you would expect, including some new twists such as Fission Ball, the Ballsplos ...

    Delsyd Software | | 2.15MB | 2008-03-02 08:02:27