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  • RadioBOSS Std 4.7.3

    If you run a bar, a restaurant, a shop, a casino, a dance club or even a radio station, music becomes one of your key daily priorities. Music is what keeps your guests' spirit high, what makes them stay longer, enjoy their time and, of course, spend money and come back again. Therefore, as an owner of a popular place or radio station, you should devote proper time to putting together a decent collection of tracks, organizing them in the right order and delivering the right music at the right tim ...

    djSoftware | | 13.63MB | 2012-07-19 14:35:10
  • RadioCaster 1.1

    RadioCaster takes any type of audio, including analog recordings, from devices which are connected to the computer. It can also broadcast any audio being played on the computer. It will then broadcast them online for your Internet radio station. The program allows you to stream this audio on an unlimited number of servers from your computer. You can easily use old audio sources from playback devices connected to the computer and have them seamlessly converted to high-quality streaming radio stat ...

    djSoftware | | 3.23MB | 2012-03-16 07:49:52