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  • FlashTracer for mac 1.0.3

    Flash Tracer is a debugging tool for Flash platform(Just Actionscript3.0), including Flash, Flex, Adobe AIR and Mobile applications. Flash Tracer can debug the local and remote applications. The main functions of Flash Tracer include UI Inspect, Property Manage, Local and Remote Trace Log and Actionscript Eval..

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  • FPE(Flash Project Encryptor) 4.9.2

    FPE(Flash Project Encrypter) is a professional encryption tool to protect flash project, even the project includes multiple swf files. The key features as following: Operate one more SWF files just one time Analyse multiple SWF files and obfuscate precisely Special items is can be given for obuscate

    DoSWF co.,Ltd | | 3.39MB | 2012-05-04 12:57:27
  • SWCEncrypt 1.5.0

    With SWCEncrypt, you do not need to encrypt the whole application, but just the core classes. You should compile the core or importent classes to swc file, and than use SWCEncrypt to encrypt/obfuscate that swc file.

    DoSWF co.,Ltd | | 3.34MB | 2012-04-16 15:32:14
  • DoSWF Professional 4.9.3

    DoSWF is a professional encryption tool for Adobe Flash SWF and SWC files. Protect your actionscript and all assets, such as image, sound, movie etc. Defend current all Flash decompilers, make your Flash more secure! The key functions of DoSWF as following: -Encrypt Adobe Flash SWF and SWC files. -Obfuscate Actionscript Code. -Domain Lock and SWF File Lock -Same Methods and Class -Add Watermark -Flash Project(web game, SNS game) with multiple SWF Files Support

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  • PhotoCommenter 2.0.0

    PhotoCommenter is a tool to add comments to your photos or images. Rich comment templates are builded-in. With it, you can add infomation, graphics on photos very easily.

    DoSWF co.,Ltd | | 893KB | 2011-08-24 22:09:40
  • FlashOptimizer 2.0.0

    FlashOptimizer is a tool to optimize Adobe Flash SWF file. FlashOptimizer has a simple AVM2(Actionscript Virtual Machine 2), witch will run the instructions, and than optimize the Actionscript Byte Code data. The key features as following: -Constant value optimization. -Methods and properties searching optimization. -Methods call optimization. -Remove debug instructions -Remove redundant instructions -Delete class, method or property(Pickout Panel)

    DoSWF co.,Ltd | | 3.39MB | 2011-08-15 10:18:55
  • Flash Enryption 4.8.6

    DoSWF Professional is a very professional flash swf encryption tool. With this software you can easily protect your flash swf works. The main functions are: 1.Encrypt flash swf and swc files. DoSWF uses a very special way to encrypt swf/swc files. It can defend the all current polular decompilers. By this way, you can protect not only your actionscript but also your assets, such as images, audios and so on. 2.Obfuscate actionscript. This feature is very amazing! DoSWF can obfuscate the package ...

    DoSWF co.,Ltd | | 3.45MB | 2011-08-14 03:21:13
  • AnyToSWF 1.0.0

    AnyToSWF is very useful tool for flash and flex developers. With it, developers can create lib file very earily.The key features as following: Package any file to Adobe SWF and SWC file Specify the class name for a file packaged Command line interface for developers

    DoSWF co.,Ltd | | 3.14MB | 2011-04-03 13:26:42