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  • StatWin Server Enterprise 9.0

    If you are looking for a method for monitoring the PC activities of employees and other users, StatWin is a comprehensive data collection software that provides an organized way to store data which is gathered through computer monitoring. When you view the collected data it is organized so you can easily select the information you want to view. StatWin has a comprehensive set of tools that include statistics and reporting tools, advanced computer monitoring programs that allow you to customize ...

    Employee Monitoring Software | | 9.46MB | 2013-05-28 15:05:28
  • Employee Monitoring Software 10.01.01

    If you suspect that your employees spend most of their working hours in chatting, visiting social networking sites and playing games, then take immediate action with employee monitoring software. This software lets you monitor all activities that are happening on your employees’ desktops and thus, helps to make and implement strategies to stop them. Employee monitoring software is available with exclusive features and functions and the feature of recording online and offline activities is ...

    Employee Monitoring Software | | 6.35MB | 2010-03-10 17:03:28