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  • Ultra Screen Saver Maker 2.5

    Create your own screen savers in 10 seconds - quickly and easily! Ultra Screen Saver Maker merges your images, sounds, movies, Flash animations and text into a true screen saver! Just collect media files, preview them and simply add to your screen saver project using a point-and-click interface. You can also add text, date and time using different fonts and effects. For home users: This product is great for displaying family, friend and personal photos, for use on your own computer and sharin ...

    Finalhit Ltd. | | 12.81MB | 2012-07-08 12:52:22
  • Live Screensaver Creator 2.0.1

    Create screensavers using keyword search or your favorite websites! It's very easy to use. Just type in keywords or web addresses. For example, if you type a word "dream", "love", "sky" or "relax", all corresponding images found on the Internet are going to appear in the screensaver. Similarly, if you type e.g., the screensaver will display this website. For home users: Live Screensaver Creator is great for displaying images of your favorite celebrities, movies, landscapes, or ...

    Finalhit Ltd. | | 5.89MB | 2012-06-14 10:28:16