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  • 3D Christmas Truck 1.10

    HBF eSolutions, specialised on extraordinary 3D Animation and Screensavers has created this high quality 3D Screensaver to accompany you through Chistmas time.The screensaver shows you in billant coulours Santa Claus dancing on a huge truck what is driving through a snowy winter night and wishing you a Merry Christmas in nine different languages while you can listen to the sound of Jingle Bells.

    HBF eSolutions | | 8.27MB | 2007-11-08 21:40:20
  • 3D Proud Johanna 1.8

    First choice quality 3 screen saver! Brilliant in colors and sound. Ideal for relaxing! One of the most famous windmills in Germany! The windmill ?Proud Johanna? by turns of day and night. An idyll with grazing cows, trees with leaves that move in the wind and changing camera positions. The model of the Windmill is based on the real ?Johanna? which is situated in Wilhelmsburg a part of the city of Hamburg (Germany).

    HBF eSolutions | | 10.11MB | 2007-11-06 03:31:17
  • Happy Bavarian 1.5

    Good mood guaranteed! This extraordinary 3D screensaver gives you a feeling for real Bavarian way of life and brings you instantly good mood. Watch the happy Bavarian at his home, where he is drinking beer and dancing the slap dance (Original Slap Dance Figures) with his dachshund on real Bavarian country music. Through the window you have a look on the beautiful Bavarian landscape! Bright colours and real 3D Character Animation.

    HBF eSolutions | | 10.44MB | 2007-10-27 16:19:35
  • 3D Red Baron 2.0

    This unique 3D screen saver shows you the most successful air fighter during the first world war. The "Red Baron" is back again flying his famous aircraft, the red triplane "Fokker DR I" fighting against another famous aircraft, the "SopWith Camel". You do not only have a look on the realistic and highly 2 detailed aircraft on changing scenes and camera positions, you also have the chance to navigate the "Fokker DR I" yourself through colorful, animated scenes. Use the machine guns or fly u ...

    HBF eSolutions | | 13.17MB | 2007-10-21 14:14:11
  • 3D Floyd & Florence 1.1

    First choice quality 3D screen saver! Designed by HBF eSolutions. Brilliant in colors and sound. Just in time for Valentine`s Day and upcoming springtime, HBF eSolutions releases this beautiful and swinging 3D screen saver for lovers and all who want some happiness in their everyday live. Enjoy this springtime party with Floyd and Florence the two happy dancing ants, the guitar playing ladybird, the rhythm beating butterfly and many springtime flowers. This screen saver is really unique in qua ...

    HBF eSolutions | | 9.69MB | 2007-10-08 21:06:22