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Latest Users' Opinions
Macsome iTunes Converter for Mac 2.2.1 [2018-08-15 15:01:31] 5
Great product. If you want to convert iTunes m4v movies to mp4, you can Also use DRmare M4V Converte ...
K7 UltimateSecurity 11 [2017-03-29 10:49:19] 4
defecult to download app
OST2PST 15.9 [2016-11-28 05:13:37] 5
Indeed a best solution I have ever used. It was an excellent experience to use this outstanding tool ...
Audials Tunebite Platinum 2017 [2016-11-17 09:02:35] 5
I just upgraded to the newest version of tunebite platinum (I've been using it for almost 2 years) a ...
Convert OST PST 15.9 [2016-11-15 11:05:06] 5
Migrating from one platform to another is not an easy task. I have tried many third party tools. But ...
Repair 2GB PST 15.9 [2016-11-10 07:15:31] 5
I have tried many third party tools to repair my damaged PST files. But I couldn't able to complete ...
OST to PST 14.09 [2016-08-30 11:10:56] 5
I have to thank you for this excellent software. I tried a couple different tools and this was the b ...
Microsoft Exchange Recovery 16.1 [2016-06-24 09:48:18] 5
With the help of Kernel for Microsoft Exchange Recovery I have successfully recovered my lost EDB fi ...
Open OST in Outlook 14.09 [2016-06-23 12:54:15] 5
I have recently cleared all my OST files accidentally. To recover those files I need a migration too ...
Outlook Duplicate Emails 16.0 [2016-06-10 04:55:53] 5
Due to many duplicate emails I have lost my OST files. To recover my lost files, I need to perform r ...

  • StampManage Stamp Collecting Software 2010

    Use StampManage stamp collecting software to catalog stamps from the USA, UN, Germany, GDR, UK, Hungary, Australia, Canada and many more countries. StampManage is licensed by SCOTT? to use their industry standard numbering system. Includes a huge database of close to 75,000+ stamp varieties complete with 55,500+ images, all indexed by the industry standard Scott numbering system. Use the integrated Report Designer to create your own reports. Reports can be exported to PDF, Excel, HTML and man ...

    Liberty Street Software | | 301.9MB | 2009-12-31 21:12:47
  • the RecordsKeeper 1.1.3

    RecordsKeeper keeps records of practically anything. It is a repository for anything that you should or might want to keep a record of, either for reference or for historical purposes. How! Customize and label screen and data fields so that whatever you decide you want to track, you can organize it using categories, labels and descriptors that you name yourself. You are not limited, since everything can be customized. There are many help features to guide you. You are provided with a number of m ...

    RecordsKeeper Software | | 87KB | 2009-10-26 00:47:04
  • Removing Duplicates 8.36

    Removing Duplicates - what can be easier? With the award-winning removing duplicates tool, the awesome removing duplicates solution for Windows, the outstanding removing duplicates program for every computer removing duplicates will be faster as never. With this kind of software removing duplicates on all drives, automatic removing duplicates in music collections and direct removing duplicates in archives became real. How to start removing duplicates on my computer? What should I do to begin re ...

    Remove Duplicate, Inc. | | 13.63MB | 2009-10-25 16:04:55
  • Find Duplicate Files Pro 9.63

    Find Duplicate Files - automatically download the find duplicate files utility! How does it work? It can find duplicate files in any folder on your PC, smoothly find duplicate files in your music list, and exactly find duplicate files in the archives. Set up the time and the tool starts to find duplicate files at that time. With the best find duplicate files program all file duplicates will be found! Just set up to find duplicate files in your music or photo collection. The find duplicate files ...

    Find Duplicate Co., Ltd. | | 3.62MB | 2009-10-18 07:22:26
  • CD DVD catalog

    CD DVD catalog is a program to catalogize, organize and maintain all of your disk contents in one place. All names of disks content will be stored in one list through which you can anytime search for a file or folder. It is fully automatic. Index now your CDs and DVDs.

    HotBounce | | 1.12MB | 2009-10-17 09:18:09
  • Best Picture Sorter Software 6.94

    Best Picture Sorter Software - automatically sort picture files with the Best Picture Sorter Software. Easily sort pictures everywhere with extra best picture sorter utility, computer best picture sorter software, Windows best picture sorter application and the best picture sorter software for everyone. All you need to get picture files sorted is to download the best picture sorter software. Automatic best picture sorter application is PC best picture sorter application for automated picture s ...

    Best Software, Inc. | | 18.47MB | 2009-10-09 19:30:10
  • Finding Duplicate Files 3.79

    Finding Duplicate Files - without spending your free time! Too much work, but finding duplicate files is now automated. With this kind of software finding duplicate files on all drives, automatic finding duplicate files in music collections and direct finding duplicate files in archives became real. Even more - saving of your free time became real, while the program runs the finding duplicate files operation. You said that finding duplicate files is a dull work? You are wrong! Finding duplicat ...

    Find Duplicate Co., Ltd. | | 12.74MB | 2009-10-07 10:54:39
  • LiberOne 1.6.527

    LiberOne is an application oriented to the management and maintenance of libraries. This management and maintenance are realized of a comfortable, simple and intuitive way, reason why great knowledge of computer science for their handling are not necessary. Maintenance, because with LiberOne you can at any moment know the books that you have, how many have, where are them, etc. Can list books of a certain subject, of a certain collection, classification, group, author or editorial. Management ...

    Soft Thimetis Applications | | 28.36MB | 2009-09-21 21:09:13
  • Download Best MP3 Organizer 5.26

    Download Best MP3 Organizer download the best MP3 organizer to Organize MP3s. The best MP3 organizer download gives ability to organize MP3 music everywhere. Just download the best MP3 organizer, download best MP3 organizer tool, automatically download best MP3 organizer utility and smoothly download best MP3 organizer software to get MP3 files organized. Download the best MP3 organizer to organize MP3 on the computer of any model. And when you download best MP3 organizer software you automatic ...

    Best Organizer | | 12.84MB | 2009-08-30 22:01:24
  • Extra Best Music Organizer 7.29

    Extra Best Music Organizer - automatically download extra best music organizer to Organize Music files. Easily download the best music organizer software, the best music organizer, automatic best music organizer program and extra best music organizer solution. All music files will be organized with the best music organizer program. This best music organizer software is the best music organizer for the music collection of any size. Easily organize music tracks in your home collection with extra ...

    Best Organizer | | 18.08MB | 2009-08-26 06:18:08
  • Download The Best MP3 Organizer 6.83

    Download the Best MP3 Organizer to Organize MP3 tracks. All you need to organize MP3 music is to download the best MP3 organizer software, automatically download the best MP3 organizer solution and to download the best MP3 organizer utility. Automatically download the best MP3 organizer software to get MP3 files organized. After you download the best MP3 organizer utility with the downloaded best MP3 organizer system you will be able to organize MP3s in any folder. Download the best MP3 organi ...

    Best Organizer | | 6.82MB | 2009-08-24 19:20:35
  • file@home 2.0.19

    The amount of paper that comes through the average letter box is staggering. Bills for this, statements for that, notice for this, another bill for that. Its an endless bombardment of paper, but where can the average household store all of this and find it when they need it? file@home is the answer! by using file@home with your computer and your scanner (you know, that thing you thought you might use one day but sits around gathering dust) you've got a complete home filing system. Wait, whats th ...

    Intelligent Filing Limited | | 9.78MB | 2009-08-15 07:13:06
  • MP3 Organizer Download 7.14

    Mp3 Organizer Download - is the best way to Get MP3 Organized. Organize Mp3 files after the Mp3 organizer downloading. This Mp3 organizer download, music Mp3 organizer download, download Mp3 organizer tool and Mp3 organizer downloading is the easiest way to organize Mp3 files on entire computer. Mp3 music files in the music collection of any size will be automatically organized with Mp3 organizer download. Automatic Mp3 organizer download is the easiest way to organize Mp3s in the home collect ...

    MP3 Organizer | | 17.51MB | 2009-08-11 08:36:15
  • Free MP3 Organizer Pro 8.37

    Free MP3 Organizer - is the free Windows software to Organize MP3 Music. This free Mp3 organizer, free Mp3 organizer program and the free Mp3 organizer software can organize Mp3 files easily for free. Just download free Mp3 organizer to get Mp3 files organized with the free Mp3 organizer software. All you need to organize Mp3 files on your computer or in Mp3 collection is to download Mp3 organizer software and Mp3 organizer program. Automatic free Mp3 organizer can organize Mp3 files for free ...

    MP3 Organizer | | 16.35MB | 2009-08-09 18:03:36
  • CD Music Organizer 8.79

    CD Music Organizer - is the easiest way to Organize Music Files. Automatically organize Mp3 music with this music organizer program, Mp3 music organizer utility and automatic music organizer. This software to organize Mp3 music files is a music organizer tool, smooth music organizer and automatic music organizer designed to organize music files. Automatic music organizer tool smoothly organizes music files located everywhere on your computer with music.. Music organizer can organize music in y ...

    Music Organizer | | 7.42MB | 2009-08-04 09:37:25