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  • iKode Helpdesk X 3.1

    iKode Helpdesk X is a free and easy to use help desk software and email management software that will help you to ensure unmatched customer support and assistance for your clients. With iKode Helpdesk x you can set up a web based support ticket system easily for your website to deliver excellent customer service.

    iKode Software Technology Co., Ltd. | | 2.84MB | 2012-11-22 07:19:37
  • iKode Service Desk X 1.0

    iKode Service Desk X provide a broad range of professional fully integrated Serive Managemnt tool and offers a low cost of ownership yet comprehensive service desk, whether your want an ITIL whether you want an ITIL "Out of the Box" solution for your IT service management or simply need to map clearer business processes in customer services or facilities management. iKode Service Desk aimed at the service desk where speed of deployment, easy to use, low cost of ownership.

    iKode Software Technology Co., Ltd. | | 2.89MB | 2012-11-15 03:37:00
  • iKode Newsletter Server 1.0

    iKode Newsletter Server is a web-based newsletter and marketing software, used to manage bulk email list and start your email marketing campaigns. iKode Newsletter Software could offer you different email marketing solutions refer to your actually situation. You don't need to make the software customizable, because we have already designed the software for you.

    iKode Software Technology Co., Ltd. | | 15.63MB | 2011-09-24 10:43:51