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  • Pitch Switch 4.0.9

    Slow down music without changing the sound using Pitch Switch! It's fast and easy to use. Just open any music file and use the "Pitch" and "Tempo" sliders to independently vary the speed and key of your song. Pitch Switch works with MP3s, WAVs, CD Audio, and more! It's never been easier to slow music down or speed music up. Use Pitch Switch to change the key of an MP3 in to your range. Like magic, Pitch Switch changes your song while it plays...right before your ears! Download a free trial of ...

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 13.93MB | 2014-04-22 21:15:39
  • Inspyder Web2Disk 4.1.0

    Web2Disk the fastest, easiest website downloader available. Copy any website to your PC, USB or CD for offline browsing. It's quick and easy to use; just enter your URL and click Go! Web2Disk automatically downloads the entire website right before your eyes. All the necessary files are saved and Web2Disk fixes the pages so you can browse offline. Web2Disk is perfect for taking a website where no Internet connection exists (trade shows, remote locations, airplanes, etc.). Web2Disk can also be s ...

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 13.99MB | 2014-04-22 16:29:33
  • Power Search 3.2.3

    Power Search is a unique tool for searching and scraping data from virtually any website. Power Search's easy to use point-and-click interface will have you scraping websites in no time. Save your captured data to Excel or XML files. Great for data mining and website analysis! Power Search supports multiple query formats, including basic "Exact Match" searches for finding specific text on your website. This feature is great for finding references to unwanted information such as old files, disco ...

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 10.23MB | 2012-12-09 22:27:32
  • Inspyder Sitemap Creator 4.0.2

    Generate an accurate Google sitemap in seconds! Just enter your URL and go. Inspyder Sitemap Creator will crawl your site and generate a Google sitemap that's ready for submission. No errors, no missing pages, no hassles! Sitemap Creator's powerful 'Site Sections' allows you to quickly and easily organize your pages by priority and update frequency. Don't tediously configure each URL, use Site Sections to match groups of URLs at once. After you generate your Google sitemap, Inspyder Sitemap Cr ...

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 15.56MB | 2012-11-19 19:55:03
  • Inspyder InSite 3.2.5

    Check any website for broken links and spelling mistakes. Just enter your URL and click go! InSite is easy to use, yet powerful enough to handle complex sites. Find problems that could harm your search engine ranking, such as missing images, slow loading pages, and dead links! InSite finds spelling mistakes too. Spell check page content, meta tags, alt tags and more! No page limits, no monthly fees, no hidden costs.

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 16.54MB | 2012-05-30 19:26:15
  • Inspyder Rank Reporter 3.2.8

    Track your website's Google ranking the easy way with Inspyder Rank Reporter! Just enter your URL, some keywords and click 'Go'. What could be easier? Rank Reporter automatically runs your search queries to gather accurate search ranking information for your website. You'll know your exact Google ranking each and every day. Rank Reporter checks your Yahoo and Bing rankings too! Rank Reporter can automatically email you a daily, weekly or monthly report with your website's ranking performance. B ...

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 15.38MB | 2012-05-06 05:00:03
  • Inspyder Photo Lab 3.2.0

    Inspyder Photo Lab makes bulk image editing easy! Add text, rotate and resize images from Photo Lab's easy to use interface. Save time and energy by letting Photo Lab do the work for you. With Photo Lab's easy to use interface you only need to select your images and add one or more filters. You can combine multiple Photo Lab Filters together to perform multiple edits at once! Photo Lab can rename and save your output images to a variety of formats, including jpeg, gif and png. So what are you ...

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 8.11MB | 2012-04-24 03:36:08
  • Sound Surgeon 3.2.7

    Cut and join sound files with easy using Sound Surgeon. Sound Surgeon's easy to use interface makes shortening and combining sound files a snap! Just open your tracks and add the cuts you want to the "stitch list". Sound Surgeon does the rest. Start trimming, joining and cutting sound files the easy way with Sound Surgeon! Download a free trial copy today.

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 12MB | 2012-04-24 01:40:34
  • Inspyder OrFind 3.1.3

    Find and remove unlinked files from your website with OrFind! Is your website several generations old? Have you inherited a website that has not been well maintained? If you need to figure out which files your website is actually using and which are left over from years gone by, than you need OrFind. OrFind automatically crawls each page of your website and analyzes the linking structure. It compares the files crawled to the files stored on your server and determines which files are needed and ...

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 14.34MB | 2011-07-20 16:50:31
  • SerpSpy 2.0.11

    Get a keyword ranking report in seconds! Just enter your Root URL, some keywords and click Go...SerpSpy will do the rest. No more manually querying each search engine for your website ranking, SerpSpy supports all the major search engines and will create an easy to read search ranking report for you. SerpSpy support scheduled operation, so you can get an automatic search ranking report in your inbox on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. Your search engine ranking report will let you know you ri ...

    Inspyder Software Inc. | | 6.07MB | 2009-09-14 04:33:37