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  • Enterprise Remote Control 5.0

    Enterprise Remote Control allows you to connect to machines anywhere You need to support computers across your company, no matter how far they get from you. Enterprise Remote Control puts you in control. No third party servers, no monthly fees. Save Time Built to work around firewalls. The Enterprise Server performs calculations on each connection to find the most efficient route. No need to ask users for IP addresses, or open firewall ports. You need to support users no matter where they ...

    IntelliAdmin, LLC | | 4.14MB | 2012-07-13 21:36:05
  • USB Disabler 2.0

    Stop unauthorized use of flash drives, and memory sticks on your network. Prevent unauthorized flash drive, and memory stick access Worried that someone will copy sensitive data to a flash drive? USB Disabler Pro can lock out flash drives without interfering with scanners, cameras, mice and keyboards. Allow Access to individual flash drives Do you want to allow a select number of flash drives to have access? USB Disabler can allow and deny flash drives based on their unique device ID. Nee ...

    IntelliAdmin, LLC | | 4.14MB | 2012-03-11 08:15:43
  • Network Administrator 3.0

    Network Administrator Network Administrator allows you to make tweaks, changes, and updates across your network. It has an amazing plugin system that is packed full of actions. Network Administrator can: Change network configuration Want to switch 1000 hosts to DHCP? Have new DNS servers? No problem, with this plugin you can change them in a few clicks Daylight Saving Time Update Easily update those older NT 4.1, Windows 2000, and XP machines to the latest DST settings without being forced ...

    IntelliAdmin, LLC | | 6.58MB | 2011-06-20 13:10:20
  • Remote Control 5.0

    Take control of computers across your network, or across the world. Remote Control allows you to control a PC as if you were there. Includes a blazing fast search to find computers quickly

    IntelliAdmin, LLC | | 4.14MB | 2011-06-19 14:02:38