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  • Exercise Books Screen Saver 1.0.0

    These high quality Math and English exercise books in this set are approved for use in schools across the country. Each exercise book contains forty-eight pages, providing your child ample space to complete their work in their home books and also schoolwork. The books are a great size, with the 200mm by 165mm dimensions perfect for fitting into school bags. You know as well as anyone how your kids can be quick to 'wear-in' their new purchases at school and at home. Books such as our durable exer ...

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  • Speaking Times Table Tutor 1.0.2

    Makes times tables fun to learn for your kids. Get a child off to a great start in maths! Keeps them occupied and out of trouble. Times Table Tutor makes an ideal gift for a child at any time of the year. Whether its a, birthday, easter, christmas or just a present. Why not help a child today! The best start you can give your child is by creating a solid base with the essentials of mathematics. Times tables are one such essential and you can help you child to master this with the Speaking Times ...

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  • Speaking Add and Subtract Tutor 1.0.0

    Give your child the best start to their education with our maths activities software. Our software gives your child a solid base to build on in both adding and subtraction. Help your child to master the beginnings of mathematics with our Speaking Add and Subtract Tutor. This program is not only a great way to help your children learn to Add and Subtract but with the inclusion of speech, the software makes these maths activities a fun way to learn. Why not keep your kids occupied and out of misch ...

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