Version: 1.0
Released: 2007-10-04 15:37:27
Language: English
Platform: WinXP
File Size: 7.91MB
Price: $15.00

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King of the gas station 1.0 Description

Target of play - earn as much as possible money, as follows $1000000 - one million dollars.
You are workman of the petrol-station, which must service the driving up cars. There are 9 types of cars, each needs for one of three services: repair, washer, fuel.

Each car has an indicator of the patience. You can bring coffee for impatient client. You can take coffe for client in building of the gas station and bring them to car. Client will want to wait more long and in this time you can service more impatient client.

On factor adown screen you may see condition of your deals. On the left - your rating, level to your popularity. The more cars you will service the more rating you get. there are factors fuel in both row in centre. If fuel ends red triangle appear on row. You must press on it to cause gas carrier.

You must pay tax in time. Don't forget this or you will arrested. Special button exists for payment of the taxes. There is indicator on which you may hear level to indebtedness. Tax forms 13% from arrived (+ $100 - an invariant part), rest money are automatically enumerated on your bank account, which you may check on the most upper line in right to upper corner of the screen.

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