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  • Ogami OMR

    Create, print and optically process answer sheets for any paper-based survey or assessment. Easily design your answer sheets (both closed, multiple-choice, and open questions supported) with just a few clicks, obtain them as PDF files and scan the marked answers using any PC-compatible image scanner and obtain blazingly fast results using our amazing optical mark recognition software technology, exporting them as PDF or CSV files, ready for your spreadsheet application. An invaluable software so ...

    LaCuritie Software | | 38.01MB | 2012-12-31 02:49:19
  • Assessment OMR Suite Personal Edition

    Create, manage, print and process your exams and answer sheets for any paper-based assessment or survey. Manage your question bank by entering them into your database only once in your life and easily reuse them later. You can enter both closed (multiple-choice) and open questions, classifying them by topics and skills/objectives to be assessed, along with other important pedagogical criteria. Afterwards, design your exams and answer sheets as PDF files, with just a few clicks. Scan the marked a ...

    LaCuritie Software | | 38.2MB | 2012-12-18 01:44:08