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  • Liquid XML Studio 2014 12.0.1

    Graphical XML Schema Editor and XML Editor. A fully featured XML Development Studio: - Graphical and Text based XML Schema Editor - Graphical XML Data Mapper - Graphical and Text based WSDL Editor - Graphical and Text based XML Document Editor - XSLT Editor and Debugger - XQuery Editor and Debugger - XSD and XML Validation - XPath Expression builder - Web Service Explorer - Intellisense for XML and XSD documents - Syntax Highlighting - XML Formatting - Html Docs From XSD Schema - XML Diff Tool - ...

    Liquid Technologies Ltd | | 4.53MB | 2014-01-21 15:08:56
  • Liquid XML Data Binder 6.0.0

    Bridges the Gap between XML and Code (supports C++, C#, Java, VB6 and VB.Net). Generates a class library based on an XML Schema (XSD, XDR or DTD). The resulting library makes it simple to read and write XML documents programmatically. Drastically cuts the time spent developing and testing. Because the class library is strongly typed you can also make use of intellisense, and the library forces compliance to the schema resulting in valid XML every time. A well established product which has bee ...

    Liquid Technologies Ltd | ... | 24.86MB | 2007-10-15 19:03:25