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  • Helpinator Professional 3.2.3

    Helpinator is a Help Authoring Tool that allows you to create help and manuals in different formats from single source. It means that you have to write help topics only once with WYSISYG editor, Helpinator will handle formatting and compilation of specific help formats. 1. Create CHM help files, manuals and documents in PDF format, Web Help and Rich Text Format (MS Word compatible) from single source. 2. WYSIWYG editor has all the necessary text processor tools - fonts, paragraph formatting, i ...

    Major Mind Software | | 27.62MB | 2012-03-12 20:09:51
  • Files, Folders and Tags 1.3

    Windows File System is not perfect. It uses an outdated approach where files are placed in hierarchical directories. This approach is inconvenient, because the file can be stored only in one directory. It takes time to find the file that you need. Tags are a modern approach to organizing data. Tags greatly simplify and speed up file management, but unfortunately Windows still does not contain a built-in support for tags. "Files, Folders and Tags" fixes this significant flaw in the windows file ...

    Major Mind Software | | 4.17MB | 2008-08-27 08:21:47
  • CasanovaDB 1.3

    As a successful man, you certainly communicate with a large number of women. As a result you need to remember a lot of things, including dates of birthday, hobbies, favorite books, favorite music and of course her sexual preferences. The more you know about her the more she appreciates you. The more you forget - the less your chances are. You can write everything down into your little black book, word document or even notepad. Or you can use CasanovaDB - a database designed specifically to stor ...

    Major Mind Software | | 8.49MB | 2008-06-16 14:56:49