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  • StreamTunes for iTunes 10.5

    securely stream your iTunes Music Library from anywhere using an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or any browser. Includes accessing additional media such as pictures, documents and web documents. New features include My Videos for including additional videos.

    MarkelSoft, Inc. | ... | 28.42MB | 2011-07-11 19:11:11
  • Dupe Eliminator for iTunes 10.1

    easily find and remove duplicate songs, TV shows, movies, podcasts and dead links. Dupe Eliminator provides a very rich set of selection criteria for identifying duplicates and originals. The program can be run manually or scheduled and provides an autoclean mode for automatic cleaning. New version is faster, has additional original criteria, pop-up context menu.

    MarkelSoft, Inc. | ... | 21.52MB | 2011-06-01 04:39:21
  • TuneZIP for iTunes 1.5

    easily backup, zip, package or move any or all of your iTunes Music Library including playlists. An extremely easy way to move music from one iPod to another. Packaging modes include backup, zipping a playlist, zipping full iTunes Music Library, zipping only songs, zipping only movies, zipping only videos, zipping only podcasts, zipping only TV shows, and zipping specific files such as mp3?s. New features include built-in unzip.

    MarkelSoft, Inc. | | 21.48MB | 2007-10-27 05:29:08
  • Dupe Eliminator for iTunes 3.9

    Easily find and remove duplicate songs, movies, TV shows and podcasts using a rich set of criteria for determining what is a 'dupe' and what is an 'original'. Additionally, duplicates can also be removed from your hard-disk. Dead links are automatically found and can also be removed. Advanced features such as autoclean, song search, sorting, syncing with your iPod, artwork viewing, and playing songs within Dupe Eliminator. FAQs Platform: Windows XP or Windows Vista Home - Dupe Eliminator Help Wi ...

    MarkelSoft, Inc. | ... | 33.64MB | 2007-09-11 05:03:12