Version: 2.0
Released: 2012-06-02 23:31:09
Language: English
Platform: WinXP,WinVista,Win7 x32,Windows Vista Ultimate,Windows Vista Starter,Windows Vis
File Size: 4.77MB
Price: $100.00

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MPCluster 2.0 Description

Microsoft MapPoint add-in that performs cluster analysis on MapPoint datasets. Cluster results can be drawn as map annotation (centroid pushpins and/or cluster boundary shapes) and exported to Microsoft Excel. MPCluster works with most MapPoint dataset types, including pushpins and shaded areas maps. Various parameters can be used to restrict the minimum or maximum size of clusters, as well as the maximum number of clusters to find, and the minimum distance between cluster centers. MPCluster can use data field to either weight cluster centroid locations and/or constrain cluster size. MPCluster can be run multiple times overlaying multiple annotation layers to aid comparisons. Annotation from old cluster 'runs' to be managed using the 'Manage Clusters' dialog box. This form lets you delete annotation, export contained data points (eg. pushpins) to Excel, and to draw circles around cluster centres. MPCluster also has the ability to estimate the number of clusters present in the data. Possible applications include: Finding sales territories, finding the best shop / distribution outlets; business intelligence forensic analysis; and finding 'hot spots' in product sales. Latest v2.0 adds multithreading for greatly improved processing speeds on multi-core computers (use a PC with more cores for faster processing).

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