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  • Sudoku 1.2345

    Are your sudoku skills that of a monkey or of a Samurai? Download Sudoku and find out! Unleash all the powers of your brain on some of the best and worst Sudoku games this world has ever known! Each level has a cool Japanese related background. You may be able to beat the monkey level, or maybe even the ninja level, but what makes you think you can challenge the Samurai level and win? Only the truly persistent or incredibly smart or totally lucky will pass. Of course, those who understan ...

    MySoftwareFactory | | 15.77MB | 2010-08-05 19:15:33
  • Word List Maker 4.3

    Create word lists from web sites on the fly. Sort lists by word frequency to immediately discover which words are most common. This is a great tool for making vocabulary lists for children to learn and thereby increase their reading abilities. Use this tool to help you discover and understand the different writing fingerprints and styles that exist in cyberspace. Word List Maker is a simple yet effective tool for creating lists of words. Simply browse to an Internet site and instantly view the w ...

    MySoftwareFactory | | 2.19MB | 2010-06-25 03:19:42