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  • Scrabble Helper 1

    Need help finding the words in your Scrabble game? Want to be a scrabble master? Look no further! Scrabble Helper is here! Scrabble Helper uses a the official Scrabble dictionary. Its simple! Just enter in your letters and click the solve button - Scrabble Helper does the rest! Every possible word using your letters is instantly displayed! Amaze your friends by becoming a Scrabble Master overnight! But wait! Scrabble Solver is not just for Scrabble. Use Scrabble Helper to solve anagrams, ... | | 529KB | 2011-05-30 21:47:27
  • Astroids 1

    Prepare for the impossible! Clear the Astroid field before its too late! Watch out for flying saucers! Fun for all ages! Let your kids know what it was like when you were young. The generation gap has been leveled and the competition is on! Show your kids what it means to be an arcade champion. But wait, Astriods is nothing like what you remember... Ultra rapid fire with enhanced graphics and powerful foes! Astroids will challenge even the most daring space adventurer! The world is in d ... | | 4.5MB | 2011-04-26 15:43:31
  • Vocabulary Builder 1

    Find the most common vocabulary in any language! Build and study vocabulary lists in minutes from any text. Vocabulary Builder allows you to extract words and patterns and then sort your results by frequency! This powerful tool works with virtually any language. Simply copy and paste text into the program and generate a list of vocabulary words ordered by how often the word appears in the text. This is a perfect solution for students, parents, and teachers alike! Comprehensive vocabulary lis ... | | 1.44MB | 2011-04-23 16:20:44
  • Flash Card Maker 1

    Create your own Flash Card Program in minutes! Flash Card Maker is a software factory that allows you to generate your own Flash Card Programs. No programing knowledge or skill is required. Share your generated software with others! Flash Card Software generated with Flash Card Maker can be used for personal study, shared with others, or even sold. Parents, students and teachers will find this tool to be of great value. Within minutes, parents can create flash cards for their children. S ... | | 316KB | 2011-04-21 05:33:08
  • Timer 1

    Timer is great to use with anything from piano practice to baking cookies in the oven. Timer is easy to use! Just set the desired number of minutes and click start. When the time is done, a gong sound is played to notify you. Its fun to use. Set timer to wake you up from a nap. Do you have a goal to clean the house for a half hour? Simple! Just set Timer to one half hour and get started. When the timer is finished, you will hear a gong. Want to spend time with your children? Give them ... | | 337KB | 2011-04-05 10:48:34
  • Stop Watch 1

    Need a good stop watch? Try Stop Watch! Stop Watch is good to the nearest millisecond. Easy to use, and very precise! Perfect for math timings, games, sports, exercise, and much more. Stop Watch allows time to be paused and then continued again. | | 293KB | 2011-04-01 11:14:32
  • Sudoku Master 1

    Solve any Sudoku puzzle! Challenge yourself with thousands of puzzles ranging from 17 clues to 80 clues! Sudoku Master allows you to generate, challenge, print, and solve sudoku puzzles. Sudoku Master will solve any sudoku puzzle in under one second - no matter how hard. Because of its ability to correctly solve any puzzle, Sudoku Master can also provide you with quick and correct hints, so that you can enjoy the challenge! But thats only the beginning. Sudoku Master uses and builds upon ... | | 1.06MB | 2011-03-04 15:44:57
  • Books I've Read 1

    Have fun keeping track of the books you have read and share them with others. Books I've Read is a fun, easy to use program that encourages reading. According to 'Census at School', a study performed in Canada, readers have broader and more diversified interests than non readers do. Imagination and creativity seem to be directly related to the number and types of books that children and adults read. Avid readers tend to have greater desires for higher education. Other results from the study ... | | 71KB | 2011-03-02 22:06:14
  • Translation Helper 4.2

    Translation Helper allows you to benefit from previous translations and parallel texts. This powerful tool can save you hours of work by helping you organize and search previous translations. It also allows you to see possible term matches from parallel texts. But thats not all. Translation Helper also allows you to extract and sort unique words from text documents and web pages. Sort words alphabetically or by frequency. Create word lists from word endings. | | 2.19MB | 2010-10-27 05:17:01
  • Word Patterns 4.4

    Word Patterns allows you to create word lists fast. Simply select a text document or a web page and all distinct words will be organized in lists. These lists may be sorted by frequency, alphabetically, or by length. Word lists of this type are ideal for many situations. Parents will find this tool invaluable as they help their children learn how to read. Since words in a list may be ordered by frequency, parents can help their children learn to read the most common words first. Interestin ... | | 2.19MB | 2010-10-24 12:04:46
  • multiplication Flash Cards 1.2

    Learn multiplication facts quickly with Multiplication Flash Cards! Multiplication Flash Cards provides a new learning environment for children of all ages to quickly master multiplication facts. Spaced repetition is used to help students quickly memorize necessary facts. Multiplication Flash Cards also provides printable pdf flash cards. This allows parents to help teach children even when they are not near a computer. Flash Cards are an effective way to learn facts fast. | | 1.45MB | 2010-09-15 14:27:04
  • Word Frequency 4.2

    Create word lists based on word frequency. Simply select a text file and save the resulting list. The Word Frequency program makes finding the most common words in any language easy. Perfect for those interested in finding the most commonly used words in a language! Compare your writing style with that of other authors. Increase your vocabulary by generating unique word lists from both websites and text files. Discover and create word list based on word endings. Use your own regular expre ... | | 2.19MB | 2010-09-02 19:17:25
  • Addition Flash Cards 1.2

    Learn addition facts quickly with Addition Flash Cards! Addition Flash Cards provides a new learning environment for children of all ages to quickly master addition facts. Spaced repetition is used to help students quickly memorize necessary facts. Addition Flash Cards also provides printable pdf flash cards. This allows parents to help teach children even when they are not near a computer. Flash Cards are an effective way to learn facts fast. | | 1.31MB | 2010-06-28 12:56:43
  • Math Flash Cards 3.5

    Math Flash Cards is an exciting math arcade game. It is fun and educational at the same time! Kids will have fun learning essential math facts. It is so easy to use that anyone can do it! Dedicated to promoting education, it comes with a free level which never expires. Basic math skills are critical in this day and age. Persuading children to focus on math can be a chore. With this in mind, Math Flash Cards was created to make studying math enjoyable. Math Flash Cards is a self paced learning ... | | 4.69MB | 2010-06-27 08:06:52
  • Math Game 1.1

    Kindergarten though Fifth grade students will benefit by mastering their math facts at their own pace. Simply choose which math facts to study and begin. Use arrow keys to move around the maze. Collect all keys before the giant lady bugs collect you! Every time a key is collected, players are given a math problem to solve. A nice balance is maintained between play time and learning time. At the end of each game, a high score message appears showing the best scores. Subtle similarities bet ... | | 8.1MB | 2010-06-26 09:26:47