Version: 4.36
Released: 2009-08-17 12:03:09
Language: English,Chinese
Platform: WinXP,WinVista x64,Win2000,Windows2000,Windows2003,Windows Vista Ultimate,Window
File Size: 2.34MB
Price: $60.00

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Netman Enterprise 4.36 Description

Netman Enterprise is a set of remote control software which is mainly applied in business remote management. It adopts DSE encrypt mode generally used by banks, making itself safe and reliable. What's more, it can work behind any firewall and NAT proxy. So you can control and manage multi computers in different places, such as employees' computers within a company and computers in each of the chains store. Meanwhile with Netman you can realize various operations in batch conveniently and you can even choose whether let the partner notice his being controlled or not.
Major functions:1.screen wall: view the screens of multi computers simultaneously so as to know what partners are doing, which can be used to supervise staffs.
2. video wall: turn on the cameras of multi computers and watch the videos displayed on multi computers at a time, which can be used to see whether the surrounding environment is safe or not.
3. Manage computers in batch: start, restart or logoff multi computers at the same time, so as to unify your company's computer management.
4. File distribution: distribute electronic file to multi specified computers, which can save time and resource.
5. Send broadcast: send text message to multi specified computers at a time, which makes the information send widely and quickly.
6.Visitor the desktop of the remote computer: operate the remote computer as if it was your own. You can upload or download files from that computer, and you can also record the screen or take a picture of the screen. This function can be used to maintain the remote computer and technically support a remote computer.
7. You can turn on remote computers' cameras and make the cameras rotatable vertically and horizontally. So you can start audio, video, as well as text conversation. You can also record the video.
8. Manage the processes and windows of a remote computer: conduct various operations as end or save a process.

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