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  • Text Template Parser 2.4.6

    Text Template Parser is a data retrieving, data extracting and data transformation software solution to parse, retrieve, convert, transform and extract data from any sort of documents, text file, web pages, emails, excel, pdf, web forms. Text Template Parser software will save you a lot of time and headaches trying to figure out a way to retrieve, convert and transform complex data to other format. The software allows to convert, transform, save retrieved and extracted data information as Tab De ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.92MB | 2015-05-31 07:59:32
  • DNSS Domain Name Search Software 2.1.8

    DNSS Domain Name Search Software is the easiest to use toolkit and most cost effective software on the market for finding great web site domain names. The software checks hundreds and thousands of potential domain names for your business and allows to find great domain names that you would not normally have thought of. DNSS Domain Name Search Software includes an in-built popular search keywords and domain name generator for generating thousands of related domain names. Find high-quality availab ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.92MB | 2014-07-29 16:58:54
  • SpotFTP Password Recover 2.4.8

    SpotFTP is FTP password recovery software. The program recovers ftp user name and passwords for FileZilla, WS_FTP, Microsoft Expression Web FTP, Far ftp client, CuteFTP, FlashFXP ftp, DeluxeFTP, FFFTP, SecureFX ftp client, WebDrive, FTP Voyager, AutoFTP, 32bit FTP, FTP Now, FTP Navigator, CoffeeCup Direct FTP and FTP Control Passwords. If you forget your passwords or need to access some passwords or confidential information stored in your computer, SpotFTP can really help you to do it. All the m ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.69MB | 2014-07-22 20:37:21
  • BlueAuditor 1.7.2

    BlueAuditor is a private area network auditor and easy-to-use program for detecting, scanning and monitoring mobile devices in a wireless network. It can discover and track any Bluetooth device within a distance between 1 and 100 meters and display key information about each device being detected as well as the services device provided. With the growing popularity of the Bluetooth technology, BlueAuditor  will enable network administrators to effectively audit their wireless networks against ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 2.26MB | 2014-07-19 21:46:45
  • SpotIE Password Recovery 2.9.5

    SpotIE Internet Explorer Password Recovery is a program for recovering passwords to web sites saved in Internet Explorer (in local password list), as well as AutoComplete strings (form fields) which MS Internet Explorer saves in cache. All the mentioned features are provided with a user friendly graphical interface.

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.75MB | 2014-07-16 20:27:29
  • Remote Password Recovery 1.2.6

    Remote Password Recovery is a remote computers password auditing program and security test tool, it retrieves passwords for software products saved on local or remote network computers. The software recovers Internet Download Manager, FFFTP, FileZilla, WinProxy, FAR ftp, Easy Web Cam, Web Drive, Core FTP, Ipswitch IMail, Ipswitch Messenger, Ipswitch Messenger Server passwords. With this software you will be able to find and recover a lost or forgotten passwords, save and keep an up-to-date backu ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.97MB | 2014-07-11 21:53:12
  • SpotDialup Password Recover 1.6.7

    SpotDialup enumerates, displays logins and recovers passwords for Dial-Up, Internet and VPN virtual private network access, provides users with information about network connection properties, such as connection names, domains, phone numbers or IP addresses. When you use the "Dial-Up Networking" module for connecting to the internet or VPN networks, the operating system give you the option to store the password. Although the password is constantly stored in your computer, the operating system do ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.72MB | 2014-05-16 08:28:38
  • SpotIM Messenger Password Recovery 2.2

    SpotIM Password Recover is a tool that is able to automatically find and decrypt the passwords of most popular Instant Messenger programs. The program recovers lost or forgotten passwords for ICQ, Trillian, Miranda, RnQ, Camfrog, IpSwitch Messenger and Easy Web Cam instant messenger accounts. SpotIM is the best Instant Messenger password finder that instantly cracks and decrypts the passwords stored on computer. All major protocols are recognized (ICQ, AIM, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, IRC), multiple pro ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.7MB | 2014-04-18 09:21:26
  • SpotMSN Password Recover 2.4.6

    SpotMSN is messenger password recovery software for recovering lost or forgotten passwords for MSN messenger, Windows Live Messenger 8 and Windows Messenger accounts. SpotMSN is the best MSN password finder that instantly recovers and decrypts the MSN Messenger passwords stored on your computer. All the mentioned features are provided with a user friendly graphical interface.

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.75MB | 2014-04-17 07:36:36
  • GTalk Password Finder 2.2

    Your Google Talk username and password are the same as your GMail Google Mail username and password. GTalk Password Finder is a password recovery tool which allows you to decrypt and recover password and username stored by Google Talk software. Like many other Google applications Google Talk can save your Gmail password on your local computer when "Remember Password" checkbox is ticked in GTalk instant messenger. Google Talk password recovery software allows to recover passwords from Google Talk ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.71MB | 2014-04-02 10:58:38
  • NetworkSleuth 3.0

    NetworkSleuth is a network file searching utility, that allows you to quickly locate files across a network. You can search for specific file names or for specific file types (e.g. all MP3 files). Network Sleuth provides a lightning fast search engine and includes the ability to search hidden network resources, restricted access resources, IP subnets and much more. It comes with a built-in password manager to store your network logins for resources with restricted access. NetworkSleuth can scan ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 2.96MB | 2013-09-08 23:01:33
  • APKF MAC Product Key Finder 1.1.4

    APKF MAC is Adobe CS3,CS4, CS5 and CS6 product key finder software for MAC. The software automatically searches your computer for the product keys and serial numbers that your software programs store in the cache. APKF allows finding and recovering license keys for Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Flash, Adobe Fireworks and more. With Adobe Product Key Finder you simply diagnose your system for all installed Adobe products and make a bac ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 299KB | 2013-08-07 19:52:45
  • NetShareWatcher 1.5.8

    NetShareWatcher is network security improvement software. It allows network administrators to monitor network shares and identify shares which are violating the data access policy of their organization. NetShareWatcher is very handy. Once you configure it a first time, you can forget about network sharing problems. You only need to select restricted groups or users and NetShareWatcher will automatically detect network share with an access list containing those restricted groups and perform a con ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 3.57MB | 2013-01-25 23:35:19
  • RemShutdown 2.8

    RemShutdown allows remotely shutdown or restart network computers. You can specify a delay during which a message you specify can be displayed and applications running on the remote computer at the time of shutdown can be allowed to close. In addition, RemShutdown offers the user the option to cancel the shutdown. The tool is designed with a user-friendly interface and is easy to use.

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 2.66MB | 2012-12-20 20:16:34
  • ShareAlarmPro 2.1.2

    ShareAlarmPro is a network tool that allows network administrators and users to easily perform network shares monitoring. Using ShareAlarmPro you can monitor users attempting to access secured shares and confidential files, detect and log network access to shared folders, monitor security events, monitor accessed files, disconnect users from open files or deny network users access, monitor sharing permission changes. ShareAlarmPro includes an intrusion detection system based on a security events ...

    Nsasoft US LLC | | 1.38MB | 2012-06-02 17:56:21