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  • Compact OST File 10.10.01

    OST file is the offline storage file of the Exchange server. It may become unusable due to Exchange server crash, mailbox deletion or user account deletion from Active from Active Directory. In such situations, where OST file becomes unusable, using OST file tool can help the user to access its email data with MS Outlook by performing OST to PST conversion. OST file tool recover all available email items including mail messages, folders, posts, appointments, contacts, tasks, meeting requests, di ...

    OST File | | 2.89MB | 2012-04-08 07:37:27
  • Convert OST File to PST 11.07.01

    OST file tool is an efficient and effective solution to convert OST into PST. It enables the user to extract all available email data from unusable and corrupt OST file and save it to PST. An OST file may become unusable due to Exchange server crash, user account deletion or mailbox deletion. Converting OST to PST using OST file tool makes it possible for the user to access email data stored in unusable OST file with MS Outlook. The software is integrated with two recovery scan modes - Quick Sca ...

    OST File | | 3MB | 2012-03-15 07:56:45