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  • Oven Fresh Popup Maker 3.8.7

    Make Popups Quickly and Easily: eight ways to activate popups! Button, Image Link, Text Link, MouseOver Button, MouseOver Image, MouseOver Text, on page Entrance, and on page Exit. Preview your popups while you work. Show or hide browser Menu Bar, Toolbar, Address Bar, Links Bar, Scroll Bars and Status Bar. Resizable popups. Flyout tip can show when the pointer is placed over the button, text link, or image link. Choose the width and height you want for your popups. Pick where you want to ...

    Oven Fresh | ... | 2.69MB | 2008-12-14 03:45:12
  • Oven Fresh Link Traffic Monitor 3.0

    Monitor Your Web Site Link Traffic Easily: Identify your most popular web pages. No more guessing about where visitors go in your web site. No CGI bin. No MySQL. View realtime report in your browser. Add links and remove unwanted or expired links from the database easily. Reset traffic count to zero and start over when you want. Backup database and restore it easily. Link Traffic Monitor is the perfect way to monitor web site link traffic. WYSIWYG environment. Unlimited use. No addition ...

    Oven Fresh | ... | 3.91MB | 2008-11-21 19:21:12
  • Oven Fresh Browser Options 2.6

    Disable Ten Browser Options Easily! No Back Button, No Right Click, No Page Print, No Drag and Drop, No Image Toolbar, No Scroll Bars, No Text Selection, No Status Bar Links, No Page Cache, and No Robots. Press a button and the code is generated for you. Works in Internet Explorer, Netscape, FireFox, Opera, Advant browsers, and more. The more browser options you disable, the more protection is provided for your Website content. For example, when visitors try to print out your private web pa ...

    Oven Fresh | ... | 1.95MB | 2008-11-12 12:58:52