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  • The Letterhead Kit-32 7.2

    The Letterhead Kit-32 for 32-bit Windows <ASP> ---------------------------------------------- Forms Manager & Business Correspondence Assistant Customizes and retrieves letterheads, forms, templates, and message graphics in Corel WordPerfect 9, 8, & 7 for 32-bit Windows. The Letterhead Kit customizes letterheads and custom forms on-the-fly, creates label and business card pages, adds scanned signatures, ZIP bar codes, or any of 30 special message graphics for cargo, office, & financial informa ...

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  • FontKat Font Cataloger 3.0

    With FONTKAT/WIN v3.0 users of Corel WordPefect 9, 8 & 7 (32-bit Windows editions) are able to produce a printed catalog of all their fonts. (ASP) Users select which fonts to catalog and how they are to be cataloged. Selecting fonts to include in a catalog is as simple as a mouse click. Users have several options available for the text they want FONTKAT to use in sampling fonts. The resulting font sample can be as simple as just the name of the font itself or a custom phrase you prov ...

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