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  • U-Upload Cart 1.3.1

    U-Upload is a file upload FTP applet that runs in a web page. U-Upload provides one of the fastest ways to upload files on the internet. U-Upload does not require a special server program or CGI in order to run like other upload components. It will connect to any standard FTP server, giving you full control over where files are stored. The U-Upload applet is a Java applet that appears on the user's web browser. The user clicks on the Browse button to open the file browse window. Here the user i ...

    Unlimi-Tech Software inc. | | 695KB | 2008-06-18 12:11:30
  • UnlimitedFTP Professional 2.8.5

    UnlimitedFTP is the world's first commercial Java FTP client applet. First released in 2000, UnlimitedFTP is a culmination of almost 9 years of working with our customers to implement new features and services. This interaction has resulted in more than 100 customizable parameters and 5 different UnlimitedFTP products. UnlimitedFTP is the most robust, configurable, and user friendly FTP applet on the market. Years of testing and development also ensure it is supported on the widest range of plat ...

    Unlimi-Tech Software inc. | | 1.36MB | 2008-06-18 12:10:59
  • U-Download HTTP 1.4.2

    U-Download is a web-based "download manager" that allows internet users to download multiple files with a click of a single button. In a typical secenario, the user comes on to the website where multiple files are needed to be clicked and downloaded. Instead of downloading each file at a time, the user clicks on the U-Download button: (1) This launches the Download Applet (2) which lets the user chose the local destination folder. Once the folder is selected, download of multiple files begins ...

    Unlimi-Tech Software inc. | | 94KB | 2008-06-18 12:10:32
  • U-Upload Pro 1.6.1

    U-Upload Pro is a file upload applet that runs in a web page. Powered by Unlimited FTP, the popular Java based FTP applet, U-Upload Pro allows the upload of entire directories, with on the fly ZIP compression. U-Upload Pro allows you to resume broken or cancelled uploads. U-Upload Pro will connect to any standard FTP server, giving you full control over where files are stored.

    Unlimi-Tech Software inc. | | 571KB | 2004-06-11 04:00:00