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  • AdMaster 1.0.3

    AdMaster is a very powerful application, capable of delivering advertisements onto a user's PC, based on his keyword search. When a user types a keyword (predefined by you) and has AdMaster installed, the AdMaster triggers your ads and delivers them onto his desktop. It can also redirect him to your advertiser's website, based on those keywords.

    Vortex Group LLC | | 24KB | 2009-04-11 19:48:29
  • RoboDialer 1.0

    RoboDialer is an automatic dialling application, which can drop the current internet connection and establish a new one, through your Premium rate numbers. It can be used by webmasters and online content sellers, to receive a payment for their content via alternative payment option. Many users do not have, or do not want to pay online via credit card, so the RoboDialer can be used for that purpose.

    Vortex Group LLC | | 20KB | 2009-03-29 01:21:55