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  • MPMileCharter 3.3

    Calculate Mileage Charts and Tables with Microsoft MapPoint. Calculate tables for serving customers and suppliers, or to create "road atlas" tables. Can output route distances, travel times and/or estimated costs to Microsoft Excel workbooks or text files. Supports ALL MapPoint routing options including fastest/shortest/preferred-roads/straight-line routes, road speeds, road preferences, rest stops, overnight stays, and avoid polygons. Supports both the North American and European editions of M ...

    Winwaed Software Technology LLC | | 5.28MB | 2012-12-03 15:35:19
  • MPRouteWriter 3.4

    The MPRouteWriter add-in imports and exports waypoints for Microsoft MapPoint routes whilst maintaining their route order. Although MapPoint can import and export waypoints as pushpins, their order is usually re-arranged. MPRouteWriter exports waypoints and their matching pushpins to Excel (or a text file) with their waypoint distance, time, coordinate, address data, and all available pushpin data fields. Routes can also be optimized. Pushpins can be matched to waypoints using two different met ...

    Winwaed Software Technology LLC | | 3.29MB | 2012-11-15 15:19:41
  • MPCluster 2.0

    Microsoft MapPoint add-in that performs cluster analysis on MapPoint datasets. Cluster results can be drawn as map annotation (centroid pushpins and/or cluster boundary shapes) and exported to Microsoft Excel. MPCluster works with most MapPoint dataset types, including pushpins and shaded areas maps. Various parameters can be used to restrict the minimum or maximum size of clusters, as well as the maximum number of clusters to find, and the minimum distance between cluster centers. MPCluster can ...

    Winwaed Software Technology LLC | | 4.77MB | 2012-06-02 23:31:09
  • MPSuperShape 2.10

    MPSuperShape is a shape manipulation tool for Microsoft MapPoint. MPSuperShape can be used to combine multiple shapes into one large shape, find the intersections (overlaps) between shapes, find boundary shapes around groups of pushpins, simplify shapes, delete multiple shapes, change shape colors, import/export shape files, and to create web pages. Import shape options include ESRI Shape (SHP) files, MapInfo MIF files, Keyhole (KML), and GML. MPSuperShape can also export to ESRI Shape (SHP) fil ...

    Winwaed Software Technology LLC | | 13.58MB | 2012-05-08 14:18:15
  • MPMileage 2.1

    Batch calculate route distances, travel times, and/or estimated costs for point-to-point routes listed in a database (Access, Excel, or ODBC). Uses Microsoft MapPoint for point locations and route calculations. Supports all of MapPoint's route options including fastest routes, shortest routes, preferred roads, and straight lines (Great Circles). Start and end locations are specified using pushpins, longitude/latitude coordinates, or street addresses. Road speeds/etc can also be set. Supports all ...

    Winwaed Software Technology LLC | | 3.1MB | 2012-03-19 19:48:41
  • North American State Mapping Template 2.0

    North American State Mapping Template consists of Microsoft MapPoint templates that enable you to create maps of individual (or combined) US States & Counties; and Canadian Provinces. Supports MS MapPoint 2002 and later (North American Edition only). It is often useful to "blank out" unused areas of maps for visual clarity. The North American State Mapping Template lets you blank out unused States or Counties with white shapes, producing clear maps of only your area of interest. The free dow ...

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  • US Mileage Charts 2

    US Mileage Charts and Tables in Excel format, including travel times and distances for both the fastest and shortest routes. Includes sets of tables for every US State, and one large pan-US chart. Total: 204 tables in 51 files. Over half a million distances and times. Data is supplied in a zip of industry-standard Excel formats to allow easy accessibility. Cities are chosen according to population based on US 2000 Census data.

    Winwaed Software Technology LLC | | 44KB | 2009-05-16 21:21:34
  • GridImp 2.3

    Imports gridded data into Microsoft MapPoint, to produce attractive data maps that resemble contour maps. Input data consists of a value that is defined for various (gridded) geographic coordinates. Common text output formats such as CSV are supported. Can handle imperfect data, holes, re-gridding, etc. Can be used to import such attributes as pollution data, seismic hazard, geological information, customer/population distribution, etc. Data can be interpolated to different grid spacings if r ...

    Winwaed Software Technology LLC | | 2.16MB | 2007-01-02 05:00:00